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WhatsApp is working on a way to catalog everyone who has left your group chat



This change is being beta tested on iOS, but it could also come to Android


Lately, WhatsApp has been seen developing new features to its arsenal, mainly focused on group chats. The service recently increased the member limit in group chats from 100 to 512 and announced Communities, a new way to message like-minded people. With groups so large, administrators and members will want to keep track of members who have recently left the conversation. WhatsApp is beta-testing a feature, so you’re neither asking nor guessing.

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WhatsApp beta version on iPhone allows group members and administrators to see who left or removed a group in the last 60 days (via WABetaInfo). Now a new option named ‘see past participants’ is visible under the list of existing participants in the ‘Group Info’ tab. The deleted members list also has a dedicated search bar, which can be useful for large threads, where there is usually a frequent exodus of members and an influx of new ones. Small businesses that use WhatsApp groups for internal communication or interactions with customers may also appreciate this feature.


Additionally, the current system of notifying chat when a member leaves or boots up is being removed. Apart from admins, no one will get in-chat messages for such events – perhaps to ease moderation. So, only the names of the members who left the group will be entered in the list of ‘previous participants’.

The feature is currently making its way to WhatsApp TestFlight beta members on iOS, but given the cross-platform nature of the app, we believe it should be coming to Android and desktop apps as soon as possible. On Android, WhatsApp was recently seen testing a way to help administrators moderate content on groups by deleting messages. We hope to have this feature as well, so chats become a little more manageable.




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