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Wheel Of Time S2: Sharon Gilham Breaks Down Real-Life Inspiration Behind New Costumes – Exclusive Interview

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Sharon Gilham [continued]: This is Adeleas and Verin. They’re sisters. She’s retired, so she’s like, “No more color for me. I’m doing what I want.”

Or all the colors, right?

Yes. Exactly.

It looks very Aes Sedai without being Aes Sedai.

Great — exactly. The actress, when I showed her this costume, she said, “If my soul could choose a costume, this would be it.”

That’s wonderful.

I was [like], “I don’t need to do anything else. I can stop working now. That’s it.”

That’s great. How about Verin’s costume?

Verin is the Browns. I wanted to keep them quite formal. They’re the keepers of the knowledge. They’re very sensible in that way, with some white collars and cuffs, and elements in their costumes that remind you of books and leaves in the books.

The pages?

Yes — this is the pages of a book and the underlayer of this that you’ve seen in Episode 1 — when they’re in Arafel, you can really see the layers and the leaves.

The Yellows are healers. What was the element that you wove into that?

The idea was that they were quite practical, but they had a lacy or soft or decorative element to them. There was one reference picture that we found of Marie Curie, who [discovered radium], and she was wearing a very practical overlay, but she had this beautiful lacy sleeve … That’s where that idea came from.

Very cool. I like it.

Then, Liandrin is here on her own, being individual, standing out. I’ve made her costumes much darker red this season as she’s getting darker, going to the dark side.

Are all the Reds doing that, or is it just for Liandrin?

No, it’s just for her. She’s …

Inching toward a different color?

Yes. And they’re corseted belts and things like that because [they’re] very restrained and very controlling, and they’re police, that idea with the epaulets and things to give that idea of that side of them. So to answer your question, all of the Ajahs have been rejigged and reinvented so that they’ve got a beautiful, couture kind of feel to them. But they are very much individuals.