When can you pre-order the new Apple Watch Series 9?

The new Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 have now been made official and you’ll likely want to know when you can pre-order them. In the past, Apple has typically opened up pre-orders at the end of the week when it holds the announcements. Usually this is around the same time that Apple opens pre-orders for the new iPhone. Which this year is the iPhone 15 series, with pre-orders opening up on September 15.

However, Apple isn’t doing that this time for the new watches. It’s a small departure from starting pre-orders on the same day as the new phone. But it’s also good news for anyone who wants to upgrade. Because the Apple Watch Series 9 is officially open for pre-orders starting today. You can get the watch pre-order secured directly from Apple online, and it’ll be available for both the Watch Series 9 and the Watch Ultra 2.

Should you pre-order the Apple Watch Series 9 or Watch Ultra 2?

These both use the new S9 chip with a faster neural engine. And what that means for you is that it enables new features with smarter functionality that won’t be available on older watches. If you’re on the Watch Series 8, moving to the new Watch Series 9 probably makes a lot of sense. You get the double tap gestures, plus quite a few new features all without losing battery life for a starting price of $399. And that’s a pretty good reason to want the new Watch Series 9 as opposed to keeping the older model.

You can likely get a trade-in too. So that would offset the cost some. With the Watch Ultra 2, there are more similarities between it and the original Watch Ultra. With what seems like less upgrades. And with its cost being $799, paying that is a big ask for just a handful of new features. But, if you really like the idea of double tap, and the other new features enabled by the S9 chip, the Watch Ultra 2 might be worth it. The value lies in how much you would use those features. And if the answer to that question is often, then consider upgrading.

Like with the Watch Series 8 to Watch Series 9, there’s the potential for a trade-in of your original Watch Ultra. Though it will be about half the cost of the new watch.

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