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Where is Abby Eden going after leaving Fox 4 News?

Abby Eden, a well-known broadcaster, is reportedly leaving Fox 4 News. Why is Abby Eden leaving? You will get all the details about Abby Eden in her article. Keep reading for more information.

Who is Abby Eden?

Abby Eden is an American journalist. She received the Edward R. Murrow Regional Award. They also received an Ammy Award for the same. She worked for decades in the industry. Abby is a news anchor at FOX 4 News Morning Show. The show airs Monday through Friday. She decides to change careers. It’s been decades into his career. Which domain will she choose now?

Why is Abby Eden leaving Fox4 News?

Abby Eden is the main present of Fox 4. She has been working for a decade. She publicly announced her departure from her job. She announced the news on Wednesday, January 11. She credits her viewers for who she is today. She mentioned that it was her dream to be where she is today. She showed gratitude to both workers and viewers.

Her last show was released on January 19. Her journey started in Kansas in November 2010. She has been in different fields. whether writing, editing or filming original stories. She has also won regional awards like the Edward R Murrow Awards and two Emmy Awards. She was also honored as Role Model of the Year in 2016. Let’s get more details about Abby Eden’s family. The main reason for his departure would be his career change.

Abby Eden currently leads a family life with her husband, Tyler Curry who is an engineer. They were parents to three children, Dorothy An, Atticus Cristopher and Ellus Benedict. She changed her show to the morning one. She spends more time with her husband this way. She enjoys spending time with her family. She has been seen running or working out in gyms. She returned to her hometown of Kansas, where it all began. She returned to meet her seven nieces and nephews.

She was passionate about current events from the start. She used to read about journalists and presenters in her childhood. She was watching the local news. She is also part of different homecoming events such as steering committee and honor society. She was responsible for the summer reception. Stay tuned for more details on our website.