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Where is Francisco Calderon Rocha, the brother of Farruko?



Francisco Calderon Rocha’s older brother is the Puerto Rican musician Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado, better known as Farruko. Farruko is now retired from the music industry.

The Latin music enthusiasts are all pumped up to go to the Festival Fuego Fuego on the following Saturday. Despite the city’s relatively small Hispanic population, the reggaeton event with a powerful blend of percussion takes place in the middle of Montreal.

Artists like Bad Bunny, who have put the music on the map, are largely responsible for the rise in popularity of the genre that has occurred over the past decade among audiences all over the world. Even though the program directors believe it to be the most rapidly expanding sound in music, they had a difficult time convincing foreign musicians to participate in the program.

However, the fifteen thousand seaters were sufficient to win over Nicky Jam, Farruko, and Cruzito as they vowed to arrive at the Esplanade in Olympic Park.

The festival intends to shine a bright light on the local musicians and provide them with the much-needed stage they require in order to demonstrate their talents.


A Few Quick Facts:

Full name Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado
Nickname Farru, The Most Powerful Rookie
Born May 2, 1991
Nationality Puerto Rican
Sibling Francisco Calderon Rocha
Wife Kairy López

Who Is This Fabián Reyes Rosado, Who Claims to Be Farruko’s Brother? Where Is He at This Moment?

Mucision Farruko, the singer for El Talento Del Bloque, has a beloved younger brother who goes by the name Fabián Reyes Rosado. Following his involvement in an accident in the year 2020, he has made a full recovery and now supports his brother in the musical efforts he pursues.

Due to the striking similarities between the two sets of siblings, it was common practice for them to make guest appearances on award shows.

In addition to a shared interest in music, they share a passion for racing motorcycles at high speeds; yet, he was not to blame for the unfortunate events that befell him. When the singer arrived at the scene of his brother’s accident two years ago, he was horrified to learn the news that his brother had been in an accident.

According to Telemundo Puerto Rico, he was extremely fortunate to escape with his life, but the incident caused him to lose one of his legs. On a Sunday morning at five o’clock, he found himself stuck on the PR-5 highway behind a vehicle that was having mechanical issues.

As he was caught in the middle of the two cars, he was hit by a speeding vehicle that crashed into him. After that, he suffered a significant loss of blood when Farruko was forced to appeal to his supporters for assistance.

Fabián Reyes Rosado, along with his brother Farruko, and the producer Ghetto

As soon as he realized that his son would make it through the catastrophe, he rushed to Instagram to express his gratitude to everyone for their support and prayers, as well as to give credit to God for his deliverance. He also gave them the assurance that they were warriors who would not be defeated by anything as simple as an automobile.

After a few months, he finally made his debut in front of the public at the Awards Your Music City ceremony, where he did so while being wheeled around in a wheelchair.

His first song, “KTM,” was his introduction to the world of urban music, and it came forth in spite of the fact that he had been through something quite horrific.

During this time, his alleged brother came back bearing a commendation for outstanding achievement to honor his professional accomplishments.

Does Farruko Have A Sister? Family Names Unveiled

Farruko, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, has not disclosed any information about his family or sister since he prefers to keep them out of the public eye. However, due to the fact that he helps his siblings further their careers, we are sceptical that he has a sister.

The musician, who is now 31 years old and was born on May 2nd, 1991, spent his formative years in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Through his Myspace account, which he used to start the platform, he soon gained a large number of followers. As soon as he eventually worked with José Feliciano on the song Su hija me gusta, he was immediately recognized as one of the most prominent figures in the industry.

As radio stations began to play his music, the young people of Puerto Rico were won over by the audacious boldness of the lyrics, which depict a young man confessing to a parent that he has feelings for the parent’s daughter. As he established himself as a leader in the sector, his influence began to expand across the country.

His earnings have only increased when he collaborated with J. Balvin on Passion Whine and 6 AM, which earned him a Latin Grammy Award. When he achieves the No. 1 spot on the singles chart and wins a number of other accolades, his life begins to take a turn for the better.

Since that time, he has established himself as an unstoppable force by collaborating on hits with artists such as Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Nicki Minaj, and Travis Scott, to mention just a few.

Because of his notoriety and the over 21 million people who follow him on Instagram under the handle farruko, every local is familiar with his music and watches his videos on YouTube. Farruko serves eighteen million people.

Since he began using the platform in 2009, he has amassed approximately eight billion views, which indicates that his personal wealth must be in the millions.

Is there a marriage between Farruko and Kairy Lopez? Who Exactly Are His Offspring?

The singer Farruko and his wife, Kairy Lopez, who is also the mother of their children Kefren Adiel, Keylon Wayne, and Kaylo Sky, enjoy a happy marriage.

It was not his first time walking down the aisle; he became attached to the singer Julieselle Machn, who bore him two children, Calier and Owen. This was not his first time walking down the aisle.

Reports indicate that the woman in question is a popular figure on Instagram and that she is completely responsible for the needs of the children.

It is clear that the youngsters had taken precedence in his schedule, as evidenced by the fact that he was on the verge of tears when they presented him with the Urban Excellence award.

In August, Farruko and his children dressed up like characters from the Mario franchise.

As he spoke about several stages in the evolution of his faith, the ceremony provided further evidence that he was going through a big transition in the course of his spiritual journey. During his speech, he discussed the terrible things that had happened in Russia as well as how unlucky the globe was. He had no other goals in mind besides discovering the reality and guiding others in the right direction when their time came.

In point of fact, the only way to gain complete assurance was through Christianity, which he adopted because he believed in Jesus and what he preached. Because he had spent the better part of his life following his moral compass in the wrong direction, it was only a matter of time until he received the news.

In 2018, despite having a net worth of three million dollars, he was found to be concealing fifty-two thousand dollars and was sentenced to three years of probation as a result. It was well past due for him to make amends for his transgressions in the presence of the holy grace.


Farruko’s Career details

2007–2011: Career begins

Farruko began his career in 2009. He attributes his success in building a fan base, which finally led to his becoming a popular performer, to the assistance he received from Myspace. [3] Su hija me gusta is a song that was released in 2011 and features Farruko and José Feliciano. The song is about a young man telling a father that he likes the father’s daughter. As his approach evolved, he often targeted younger audiences and relationships in his music. As the popularity of his songs increased on the internet, Puerto Rican radio stations began to pick up on the internet hype and began to broadcast Farruko to a wider audience, so establishing his position as a prominent figure in the reggaeton scene.

2012–2022: Music from the Past

In 2012, Farruko was one of the artists considered for the Latin Grammy Award in the category of Best Urban Music Album. Both of Farruko’s major songs from the summer of 2014, “Passion Whine” and “6 AM,” both of which featured J Balvin, shifted the trajectory of Farruko’s career for the better. Both of these songs achieved number one and number two, respectively. The song “Passion Whine” was featured on the Top Latin Songs chart that was compiled and compiled by Monitor Latino for a total of 26 consecutive weeks. A nomination for Best Urban Fusion/Performance for “6 AM” at the Premios Juventud Awards and a nomination for Best Urban Song at the 15th Annual Latin Grammy Awards were both bestowed upon Farruko as a result of the song “6 AM.”

He has performed as the lead singer or had guest appearances on several top-charting singles, such as “Krippy Kush,” “Inolvidable,” “Quiereme,” and “Calma (Remix).” The list of artists with whom Farruko has worked as a collaborator is extensive and includes Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, Ricky Martin, and Wisin & Yandel.

It was on June 24, 2021 that he gave the world his smash hit track “Pepas,” which currently has more than 360 million views on YouTube. The song features elements of both reggaeton and tribal guarachero in its composition.

On February 12, 2022, while Farruko was performing at the FTX Arena in Miami, he paused the show to give a speech. In the speech, he devoted himself to preaching about God, expressing his problems, and asking forgiveness for the lyrics of some of his songs. He also apologized for the lyrics of some of his songs. In response to the complaints of the audience members, Farruko stated that “Farru is retired and Carlos is here today” and that they will provide a full refund to those guests who were unhappy with the performance.


Is Farruko retiring?

  • Pepas singer Farruko has announced his retirement during the Miami stop of his Las 167 Tour, turning the FTX Arena into a house of worship.

What is Farruko doing now?

  • Farruko Has retired and will be preaching at concerts as he is fulfilling his commitments to God.

Does Farruko speak English?

  • Farruko seldom does interviews in English. He said he understands just about all English, but, as is the case with many foreigners, speaking it doesn’t come as easy.

Is Farruko Dominican?

  • Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado, better known by his stage name Farruko, is a retired Puerto Rican singer and rapper.

Who is Farruko’s wife?

  • Farruko’s wife is Kairy Lopez.



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