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Who is Akash Gurjar of Madhya Pradesh and why is Twitter demanding justice for him, biography, age, family

In Uttar Pradesh, the chief judicial magistrate ordered the police to register a case for an alleged fake encounter with justice for Akash Gurjar trending on Twitter

The case involved a 21-year-old man from Madhya Pradesh who was preparing for the Agniveer recruitment test. Know more about him in the article below.

A 21-year-old guy from Madhya Pradesh who was in the state to prepare for the Agniveer recruitment test is accused of being involved in a false encounter. The chief judicial magistrate’s court in Uttar Pradesh has asked the police to file a report. The Agra police have been ordered by the court to arrange for an impartial investigation into the issue.

Who is Akash Gurjar of Madhya Pradesh and why is Twitter demanding justice for him, biography, age and family

The victim’s mother alleged that the UP police squad kidnapped her son, who was then shot in a “false encounter,” prompting the issuance of the order. 

However, according to the police, he was “involved in illegal sand mining” and was in one of the 13 sand-filled tractors that drove through an Agra toll booth last year. The incident’s footage was extensively circulated on social media.

The Yogi Adityanath administration was criticised for the law and order situation as a result of the film. The police were instructed to take action against individuals engaged in illegal sand mining.

Who Is Akash Gurjar And How Did He Die

The oldest of three siblings and a resident of Gadaura village in the Morena area of Madhya Pradesh, Akash Gurjar was occupied with preparing for Agniveer recruitment after graduating from class twelve.

On September 26, while en route to his cousin’s home in Agra, he was shot three times by a UP police unit. 48 days after receiving treatment at a city hospital, he passed away on November 14. Akash Gurjar’s mother claimed that before he passed away, he had told her that he had been kidnapped by officers in civilian clothes and he didn’t know what was happening.

He was shot in the thighs and abdomen after being kidnapped by the police. He had gotten off a bus to use the restroom when he was confronted and shot by police officers in plain clothes. The mother of the victim said, “I demand justice; my innocent child was killed, and we want justice.”

The police’s account of the circumstances leading up to Akash Gurjar’s shooting has also been called into question by the victim’s attorney. 

The victim’s attorney, Bharatendra Singh, said, “In contravention of the NHRC regulations, no FIR was filed following the youth’s passing during the alleged encounter.” ...mortem analysis indicates that Akash was shot at close range because it is impossible for the bullet to travel in a straight line from one leg to the other if the victim was shot while fleeing.”

The Sand Mafia Probe

The investigation was started in response to criticism of the Yogi Adityanath government’s law and order situation following the release of a video. In early September, a video was released showing 13 sand-loaded tractors rushing past an Agra toll plaza.

Following the event on September 4, more than 40 people who were reportedly engaged in illegal sand mining were detained, more than 106 FIRs were filed, and more than 80 tractor-trailers were seized.

On the basis of a complaint by police constable Yogesh Kumar, who is accused of shooting Akash, two FIRs were also filed against him: one for attempted murder and the other under the Arms Act. Akash was allegedly operating a tractor hooked up to a trolley carrying sand that had been unlawfully mined, according to the police report.

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