Who Is Ashley Newgarden (Josef Newgarden Wife)? Relationship Timeline and Child Details

Josef Newgarden, a renowned two-time Indy Car series champion, has not only left a mark in the world of racing but also found love and built a family with his wife, Ashley Newgarden

Their incredible journey together has been filled with challenges, triumphs, and a beautiful bond that continues to grow stronger.

Let’s delve into the story of Josef and Ashley Newgarden, from their long-distance relationship to becoming parents and the upcoming race that awaits Josef.

Josef Newgarden and his wife, Ashley Newgarden, have navigated the challenges of love, distance, and professional racing with grace and determination. Their love story serves as an inspiration to many, demonstrating that with dedication and support, any obstacle can be overcome.

As Josef prepares to race in the Indianapolis 500, the world eagerly awaits his awe-inspiring performance, rooting for this exceptional racer and his unwavering pursuit of victory.

Ashley Newgarden
Ashley Newgarden (Image: Source)

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Josef Newgarden Wife: Ashley Newgarden

From Disney World Cosplayer to Influential Figure in the Cosplay Community

Discover the captivating journey of Ashley Newgarden, an influential figure in the cosplay community, who started her career at Disney World.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Ashley’s passion for cosplaying bloomed during her time in Japan, where she worked at Tokyo Disneyland. Let’s delve into her story and explore the remarkable experiences that shaped her path.

The Beginnings of a Cosplay Enthusiast

From an early age, Ashley Newgarden’s parents fostered a deep love for costumes and dressing up.

Halloween became a cherished tradition for the Newgarden family, with Ashley and her big brother eagerly awaiting the opportunity to transform into their favorite characters.

This childhood enthusiasm laid the foundation for Ashley’s future endeavors in the world of cosplaying.

Josef Newgarden
Josef Newgarden

A Journey to the Land of the Rising Sun

  • In 2013, Ashley Newgarden embarked on a life-changing journey to Japan. Drawn by its rich culture and vibrant atmosphere, she found an opportunity to combine her love for cosplaying and her desire to explore new horizons.
  • Ashley joined the esteemed team at Tokyo Disneyland, where her creative talents flourished, and her skills as a cosplayer blossomed.
  • During her tenure at Tokyo Disneyland, Ashley Newgarden had the privilege of portraying various beloved Disney princesses, captivating the hearts of visitors from around the world.
  • One of her most cherished roles was cosplaying as Belle, the iconic protagonist from Disney’s timeless classic, Beauty and the Beast.
  • Through her exceptional portrayal, Ashley brought joy and wonder to countless guests, leaving a lasting impression on their Disney experience.
  • Throughout her time in Japan, Ashley Newgarden actively shared her adventures and cosplay experiences on social media platforms. Her Instagram account became a source of inspiration and delight for fans and aspiring cosplayers alike.
  • From behind-the-scenes glimpses of her work at Tokyo Disneyland to breathtaking snapshots of her travels across Japan, Ashley invited her followers to embark on her enchanting journey.

From Disney World to New Horizons

Upon her return from Japan in 2014, Ashley Newgarden continued her career in the enchanting realm of Disney.

She graced Florida Disneyland with her talents, bringing characters to life and creating magical memories for visitors.

However, as with any journey, there comes a time for new beginnings. Ashley ultimately made the decision to embark on a new chapter, bidding farewell to her Disney career.

Ashley Newgarden’s captivating journey from Disney World cosplayer to an influential figure in the cosplay community serves as an inspiration to aspiring cosplayers worldwide.

Her passion, talent, and dedication have propelled her to new horizons, leaving an indelible mark on the world of cosplaying. As Ashley continues to explore her creative endeavors, her journey reminds us that dreams can come true when we embrace our passions and embark on remarkable adventures.

Josef Newgarden and his Family
Josef Newgarden and his Family (Image: Source)

Josef and Ashley Newgarden: Relationship Timeline

Love stories are often filled with moments that defy distance and test the strength of a relationship.

Such is the tale of Josef and Ashley Newgarden, a remarkable racing couple who have triumphed over challenges and celebrated their love through time and space.

Since their union in 2012, these two lovebirds have forged a bond that transcends borders, inspiring others with their unwavering commitment.

Join us as we explore the captivating relationship timeline of Josef and Ashley Newgarden, a testament to love’s enduring power.

In 2012, fate conspired to bring Josef and Ashley together, igniting a spark that would forever change their lives.

Although the precise circumstances of their first encounter remain a mystery, it was during this year that their paths intertwined, setting the stage for an extraordinary love story.

Nurturing Love from Afar: The Long-Distance Phase

True love knows no boundaries, and this adage held true for Josef and Ashley as they embarked on a long-distance relationship phase. Despite the physical separation, their connection thrived through unwavering dedication and constant communication.

During this time, Ashley found herself in Tokyo, immersed in her own professional endeavors. However, distance couldn’t dampen the flame of their love. In 2013, Ashley took to Instagram to share a heartwarming moment, posting a screenshot of a Skype call with Josef.

Accompanying the image, she captioned, “Skyping one of your favorite people doesn’t make home seem too far away.” This glimpse into their virtual reunion revealed the strength of their bond, defying the miles that separated them.

Uniting Across Oceans: Josef’s Journey to Japan

In a testament to his unwavering commitment, Josef traveled to Japan in 2013 to meet his beloved Ashley in person. After a year of dating, the couple took a significant step forward in their relationship.

Pictures emerged on Ashley’s Instagram, capturing their reunion and displaying the joy of being together. Wearing Japan flag-decorated masks, the couple announced Josef’s arrival, symbolizing their dedication to overcoming the hurdles of distance.

While Josef’s stay in Japan lasted only a few weeks, it left an indelible mark on their journey. The couple reveled in each other’s company, cherishing the moments they could share in person. Their connection grew stronger, solidifying their commitment to building a life together.

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A Christmas to Remember: Celebrating Love in Japan

Love has a way of bringing people together during the most special moments, and Christmas is no exception. In a heartwarming gesture, Josef returned to the enchanting island nation to celebrate the festive season with Ashley.

The joy of being reunited, combined with the magic of the holiday spirit, created cherished memories that would last a lifetime.

Josef and Ashley Newgarden’s relationship has stood the test of time, defying distance, and inspiring others with its unwavering strength.

From the early days of long-distance communication to the poignant reunions in Japan, their love story is a testament to the power of dedication and commitment.

As they continue to traverse life’s winding roads together, Josef and Ashley exemplify the triumph of love, reminding us that when hearts are united, no challenge is insurmountable.

Josef Newgarden
Josef Newgarden (Image: Source)

Joseph Newgarden: Net Worth 2023

Joseph Newgarden, the talented star racer, has taken the motorsports world by storm with his remarkable achievements and undeniable skill.

His net worth has reached an astounding figure, making him one of the most financially successful individuals in the industry.

At the young age of 13, Josef Newgarden discovered his passion for racing. It was during this time that he embarked on his karting journey, which would later pave the way for his meteoric rise to fame.

In a testament to his exceptional talent, he secured two titles at the Junior TAG World Championship and three years later clinched the Junior Yamaha title.

Joseph Newgarden’s career gained momentum when he participated in the Skip Barber Racing School Series in 2006. This crucial stepping stone allowed him to showcase his skills and ultimately emerge victorious in multiple competitions.

In 2008, he made his mark in the racing world by competing in a Formula Ford race and impressively securing second place in the highly esteemed British Formula Ford Championship the following year.

Achievements That Define a Legend

These accomplishments paved the way for Joseph Newgarden’s incredible success and earned him a reputation as a racing prodigy.

His net worth soared to unprecedented heights, solidifying his position as one of the most prominent figures in the industry. Being one of the highest-paid IndyCar drivers further attests to his remarkable skill and value.

Josef Newgarden
Josef Newgarden (Imag: Source)

Joseph Newgarden’s prowess on the racetrack has garnered him widespread acclaim and a multitude of sponsorships.

In the 2021 NTT IndyCar Series season, XPEL joined as one of his esteemed patrons, further solidifying his status as a formidable force in the racing world. His talent has transcended boundaries, as he has participated in various racing classes across the globe, leaving an indelible mark wherever he goes.

Influence of Family and Early Inspiration

Joseph’s passion for racing was ignited by watching motorsports on television alongside his father, who had a deep love for NASCAR, IndyCar, and Formula 1.

These formative experiences shaped his aspirations and set him on the path to becoming a distinguished racer. Standing tall at 6 feet, Newgarden currently represents Team Penske, a powerhouse in the racing industry.

Joseph Newgarden’s journey from a young karting enthusiast to an internationally recognized racing superstar is a testament to his unwavering dedication and extraordinary talent.

With an awe-inspiring net worth and an enviable career, he continues to make his mark on the motorsports world.

As fans and admirers eagerly await his future endeavors, it’s undeniable that Josef Newgarden’s achievements will remain etched in the annals of racing history for years to come.


Who is Josef Newgarden?

Josef Newgarden is an American professional racing driver who competes in the NTT IndyCar Series. He was born on December 22, 1990, in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Newgarden has achieved great success in his career, winning multiple races and championships.

How did Josef Newgarden start his racing career?

Newgarden’s passion for racing began at a young age. He started karting at the age of 13 and quickly progressed through the ranks. In 2006, he won the Skip Barber Racing School National Championship, which helped launch his professional racing career.

What are Josef Newgarden’s major accomplishments in the NTT IndyCar Series?

Josef Newgarden has had several notable achievements in the NTT IndyCar Series. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, he had won the championship title twice, in 2017 and 2019. He has also won numerous races throughout his career, including the prestigious Indianapolis 500 in 2021.

Which teams has Josef Newgarden raced for in the NTT IndyCar Series?

Josef Newgarden has raced for two teams during his tenure in the NTT IndyCar Series. He began his career with Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing (later merged with Ed Carpenter Racing) from 2012 to 2016. Since 2017, he has been driving for Team Penske, one of the most successful teams in IndyCar history.

How does Josef Newgarden contribute to the motorsports community off the track?

Josef Newgarden is known for his active involvement in the motorsports community beyond his racing endeavors. He frequently engages with fans through various events, fan interactions, and social media. Additionally, Newgarden is a strong advocate for safety in motorsports and actively supports initiatives that promote driver well-being and education.

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