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Who is Degen Spartan?



Degen Spartan is a pseudonym used by an individual who is considered one of the most important DeFi influencers (Decentralized Finance) on Twitter. In a short time, he managed to build up a large base of followers on this social network. However, like many influencers, this character has quite a controversial reputation.

To find out who Degen Spartan really is, from the scant information we’ve managed to collect about him, we’ll go through his life. This will allow us to learn more about this controversial influencer and what led him to make a name for himself in the crypto community.

Background and education

Because he chose to remain anonymous, it is difficult to say precisely what studies Degen Spartan followed. Nevertheless, we can bet on the fact that he studied mathematics or economics if we analyze the professions he has held in the past.

According to Degan Spartan himself, he started his career as an institutional trader. Then, he would have discovered cryptos and made his first profits in the world of cryptocurrencies by arbitrating on price differences between crypto exchange sites.

Before becoming a Twitter influencer devoted to the DeFi universe, he started a podcast where he managed to build up a small fanbase. However, there too he decided to remain anonymous, going so far as to mask his own voice. Indeed, the particularity of his podcast was that an individual read aloud the answers he formulated to questions.

The DeFi Influencer on Twitter

Having managed to make himself known to a sufficient number of DeFi investors, he decided to launch himself on Twitter by taking advantage of his small notoriety. Gradually, his reputation as a professional in the world of decentralized finance began to spread and his account quickly had over 100,000 followers.

However, his reputation quickly deteriorated due to his propensity to dump his tokens after advising his fans to invest in them. He was quickly considered an expert in “dumpenomics”, an expression that could be translated into French as “dump economy”, that is to say, to earn money on the backs of people. who have invested in one project after another.

Nowadays, if we look at his Twitter account, we can find the line “Retired Ponzi Connoisseur”, an allusion to the fact that he did not hesitate to take advantage of his naive followers to earn money from them. It is therefore quite easy to understand why this individual prefers to remain anonymous.

Influencer controversies

Degen Spartan shed light on the problem that influencers can represent, whether on Twitter, YouTube, newsletters or any other medium. At some point, the economic benefit of setting up pump and dump schemes or promoting useless crypto products starts to outweigh what you can offer yourself to your fans.

It is therefore very important to be careful before following an influencer. You must always ask yourself why he decides to help and above all not believe that he is doing this for the simple purpose of wanting to be nice to people.

Other influencers have also made a lot of noise about them in the past. One can quote for example John McAfee who was the specialist of the pump and dump in 2017-2018 or Elon Musk who managed to explode the value of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, two projects that were the basis of jokes to make fun of other cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion on Degen Spartan

Degen Spartan is a character who has shed light on the dangers that crypto influencers can pose. Because of his anonymity, he also gave good arguments to those who have claimed for many years that cryptocurrencies are used to perform illegal actions.

While not all influencers are necessarily bad, and anonymity isn’t necessarily a bad thing (e.g. Satoshi Nakamoto), Degen Spartan’s attitude has bolstered the anti-cryptos’ case.

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