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Who is Elijah DeWitt Jefferson High School football player shot dead, age, family, sister, update, Reddit

Elijah DeWitt, an 18-year-old football player at Jefferson High School, was shot and killed on October 5, 2022, outside of a Dave & Buster’s in Lawrenceville, Georgia, know his family and sister along with his latest update

This was a terrible event that shocked the community. Two teenagers who were looking for someone to steal from on the night of the murder tried to rob, which led to the shooting.

Who is Elijah DeWitt Jefferson High School football player shot dead, age, family, sister, girlfriend, update, Reddit

Two days later, Kemare Bryan, 18, and Chandler Richardson, 19, were caught at a South Carolina gas station. Four charges have been brought against them. Including felony murder of Elijah DeWitt, murder with malice, aggravated assault, and having a gun while committing certain felonies.

Elijah DeWitt’s sister, Delaney DeWitt, said she’s mourned him every day since his murder while his mother is named Dawn.

Elijah DeWitt’s girlfriend reveals Georgia high school football star’s final moments from Conservative

Police say that the suspects had just met the victim a short time before what they are calling a “surprise attack” in which they killed him. On October 3, the suspects went up to Elijah DeWitt and his group of friends and asked if they could buy drugs from them.

Bryan and Richardson went back to Dave & Buster’s on the day of the murder to see DeWitt and a friend. After they attacked Elijah DeWitt, the unarmed teen tried to fight back. That’s when Bryan pulled out his gun and shot him.

Richardson pleaded not guilty to all charges last week. Bryan had already done the same thing a month earlier. The murder’s reason wasn’t clear until the police looked at the suspects’ messages. They told them what they wanted to do and why they were there. People are still shocked and can’t believe what happened.

Friends and family mourn the loss of Elijah DeWitt

Elijah DeWitt was a young football player who had a lot of potential. His death was sad for everyone. Cam Newton, the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, had already noticed him, and his peers liked him.

In a statement, DeWitt’s parents said that they hoped the lawsuit against the mall where their son was killed would hold the owners accountable for their part in Elijah’s death and keep another family from going through what they have.

The lawsuit says that the mall’s owners ignored major safety risks that contributed to the death of their son. People are worried about the safety of public places because of the tragedy, and many want stricter security measures to be put in place so that similar things don’t happen again. The case is still going on, and the community is still sad about Elijah DeWitt.

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