Who is filmmaker Rodrigo Herzog who confronted gynecologist Dr William Burke for assaulting his wife in viral video

Miami-based filmmaker, Rodrigo Herzog, is making headlines as he bravely steps up to defend his wife, accusing a gynecologist of s*xually assaulting her seven years ago with the video of Dr William Burke viral

This dramatic confrontation occurred at a recent medical conference and was captured in a viral video. Here is more you need to know about it.

Who is filmmaker Rodrigo Herzog who confronted gynecologist Dr William Burke for assaulting his wife in viral video on Twitter

Rodrigo Herzog, a 41-year-old filmmaker of Brazilian descent residing in Miami, was identified as the individual who stood up against Dr. William Burke at the annual American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) meeting on May 20. In the widely-shared video, Herzog is seen striking Dr. Burke, accusing him of past sexual misconduct involving Herzog’s wife.

Herzog and his doctor wife had traveled to Baltimore for the conference. During a panel discussion, Herzog’s wife openly challenged Dr. Burke, the Stony Brook University Cancer Center’s director of gynecologic oncology, about industry standards related to s*xual misconduct.

Rodrigo Herzog accuses Dr. William Burke

In response to his wife’s inquiry, Herzog accused Dr. Burke of having inappropriately touched his wife during her time as a medical student under Dr. Burke. This incident, according to Herzog, occurred on the day of her graduation – an event Herzog bitterly referred to as “the best day of her life.”

After leveling his accusations, Herzog struck Dr. Burke twice in front of the stunned audience. He shouted, “This motherf**ker s*xually assaulted my wife seven years ago. You know what you did. You touched my wife seven years ago in New York. Don’t be an ae. B*h!”

Following the incident, Rodrigo Herzog faced criticism from some quarters for his actions. However, he defended his actions in a video on Instagram, expressing his disappointment at critics who suggested that he had acted inappropriately.

Herzog passionately argued that any man witnessing his wife being victimized in such a way should rise to her defense. He lamented, ‘I get sad for your wife or your sister or your mom, who is going to see something like this and she is going to know exactly the kind of man that she has inside her house – that type of coward who disappears when something bad happens, that type of coward who defends other men.’

Rodrigo Herzog: A Hero or a Villain?

While the confrontation has sparked debate on social media about the right course of action in such situations, Herzog remains firm in his stance. Despite the controversy surrounding his actions, he maintains that his only objective was to stand up for his wife and expose the alleged perpetrator.

As this story keeps going, Rodrigo Herzog’s actions are starting important conversations about assault, public accusations, and the duty of people to protect their loved ones. No matter how controversial his acts are, they have shed light on an important problem. This event has sparked a lot of talk, which is a clear sign that there needs to be more open talk about misconduct in the workplace.

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