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Who Is Francis Suarez? Miami Mayor Slammed What Happened? Details Explored

There is a piece of news coming forward that the Miami Police unveiled a Black History Month-themed cop car and this is something new to the public for the first time. This news gathering a lot of attention on the internet and also running n the trends of various social media pages where so many people express their reactions to this news. Some netizens shared that this is an honor for us and some of them express their ignites on this news over car unveiling. In this article, we will share the whole information and also discuss some other topics related to this incident, so read this article.

Who Is Francis Suarez Miami Mayor Slammed What Happened Details Explored

As per the exclusive news and reports, This cop car was unveiled in the afternoon on Thursday 2 February 2023 at the Black Police Precinct & Courthouse Museum by the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez. There are so many users of social media who share their dissatisfied reactions and responses to the concept through the medium of social media pages. This cop car includes the Black fists raised outline of Africa and in protest of the other red, blue, green, yellow, and pink vehicles. Officer Kiara Delva, a police spokeswoman said and shared that it honors the legacy and history of the Black police precinct and all officers who worked there.

Who Is Francis Suarez?

Miami Police and the office of the Mayor have been criticized for this unveiling of the cop car and they are now facing. If we talk about personal details, Francis Xavier Suarez was born on 6 October 1977 in Miami, Florida, United States and he is currently 45 years old. He belongs to a Republican political party and is known as an American politician and lawyer. He is serving as the 43rd mayor of Miami and gained a lot of love from the people and popularity around the world.

The Black Police Precinct & Courthouse Museum was built as a separate police station and municipal court for Black police officers, judges, and defendants in the historically Black neighborhood of Overtown in 1950 before closing in 1963. There are so many videos and posts running on the internet and other social media page that shows the dissatisfaction of netizens and people. Lots of people said that this was a bad idea, it was the worst idea, and many more comments on social media pages. Stay connected with to read more articles on the latest news of the daily world.



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