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Who is Jennifer Castro woman claiming to be the mother of Brooklyn Queen and her stalker

Brooklyn Queen is best known for her skills in acting and abilities of work in addition to her music career and Jennifer Castro is claiming to be her mother

A 2017 track of Brooklyn Queen named KeKe Taught Me is currently a sensation on social media. It has garnered millions of views on her YouTube as well. Since then, she recorded well-liked singles, like Lemonade, Rich Girl Problems, and To The Top.

Queen has made appearances in a large number of movies and TV shows, including Howard High.

Who is Jennifer Castro woman claiming to be the mother of rapper Brooklyn Queen and her stalker

Now, Brooklyn Queen, who is a well-known rapper, and an influencer who has millions of fans have one particular fan completely disrupting her life, while claiming to be her mother. The name of this fan is Jennifer Castro.

Who is Jennifer Castro?

Jennifer Castro is Brooklyn Queen’s stalker who hails from Miami and she claims to be Brooklyn’s mother. Jennifer Castro claims that she put Brooklyn up for adoption when she was just four because her family was homeless then.

Brooklyn said that Jennifer is contacting her since five years with these absurd accusations. As per reports, Brooklyn is raised by her biological parents and they have her birth proofs and certificates with DNA reports which also confirm her parents.

As per Brooklyn Queen, after years of outreach, and even threats of kidnapping her and “bringing her back home” no legal action has been taken. Jennifer still believes that, Brooklyn is her biological daughter and that her parents are keeping her with them against her will.

This all began when Brooklyn got a message from her fan, Jennifer, where she said “Mommy misses you, and loves you.”

The police asked Brooklyn Queen questions about whether she was drugged or sex-trafficked. Also, they asked, whether grown men were touching her, all of which had an impact on Brooklyn. As of now, Brooklyn is having security 24/7 and she is in this security until this matter does not resolve. The rapper is presently considering more legal actions.

As per Queen, this event traumatized her.

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