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Who is John Philip Fisher? Balenciaga’s campaign diploma has sparked backlash on Social Media

Recently, Balenciaga has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. A picture shoot was conducted with child models holding teddy bears with fetish themes. As a result of its campaign to promote the “Objects” collection, it is facing backlash. The incident prompted Kim Kardashian (an ambassador for Balenciaga) to make a statement. The images were removed and Balenciaga is taking action against the photoshoot. Many influencers and celebs are fans of the brand’s luxury goods, and it has a massive fan following. There has been a backlash against a couple of its campaigns.

Recently, Twitter users uncovered a framed diploma of John Phillip Fisher, an 80-year-old man accused of child sexual abuse, in Balenciaga’s controversial campaign. Model Khadim Sock posed with a diploma certificate framed in the background for the Balenciaga x Adidas 2022 photoshoot. John Philip Fisher was charged with seven counts of sexual misconduct, and his college diploma appears to be in question. A conviction for molesting his granddaughter was handed down in 2018. Judge Parrott revoked his bail shortly after he was out on bail. As the certificate image is blurry, the rumours remain unconfirmed.

Framed Diploma Of John Philip Fisher In Balenciaga Campaign Sparks Further Backlash For The Fashion House Online

In addition to apologizing for two of its ads, Balenciaga has also sued the producers of one of them. According to Kim Kardashian, known for her love of Balenciaga, she is reassessing her relationship with the brand following the backlash. As soon as John Phillip Fisher’s new details emerged, internet users were mortified. The fashion house has been criticised once again, with some criticizing the placement of props as “on purpose,” and others accusing the brand of normalizing “pedophilia.” Celebrities seem to have shied away from the issue. Users tweeted: Balenciaga’s bank accounts should be closed, they should be banned on social media, the stores should be temporarily closed, and all celebrities should condemn them first. Does that only apply to black athletes and artists?

Someone else asked, Did you get that John Phillip Fisher reference? It’s disgusting. As the catwalk show for summer 23 also included babies and bondage bears, this cannot be blamed on the producers. There was an advertisement showing kids holding bags shaped like teddy bears. The bears wore bondage outfits, which was a problem. Among the teddy bears, one was studded, while another wore fishnets and leather belts with “bruised-like” eyes and a chain around its neck. ... was made on the brand’s Instagram account, which has 14 million followers. As a prop on a desk, a court ruling on child pornography was among the papers used to advertise a purse that costs $3,000 in another case. In response to the outrage over the teddy bears, netizens scrutinized other Balenciaga ads and focused on the July photo of the court ruling paper.



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