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Who is Jolissa Fuentes YouTuber? What Happened With Her? Missing 22-Year-Old Girl



Jolissa Fuentes has been missing since August 7, 2022. Almost a month has passed, and the officials have not found any evidence about her. However, the family of the missing 22-year-old is hopeful that a search and rescue dive team can reveal elusive answers to her disappearnce. Let us add that the dive team normally works on cold cases, they have decided to help with active missing cases. Recently, they made a rare decision to step in and help in the search for missing teen Kiely Rodni. Check further details here in this article.


According to reports, the diving team managed to find the missing teen Kiely in just 35 minutes. After getting the success that fast, they decided to help in the Fuentes case too. The team under the name “Adventures with Purpose” announced that they had spent up to three days looking for the 22-year-old, who disappeared in Selma, California. Reports state that Fuentes was last seen at a convenience store at 4 AM and that she was with her family the very last night. Some sources reveal that Jolissa had an argument with a friend. However, the police are not investigating in this direction now.

Selma Chief of Police Rudy Alcaraz said that there is nothing to this point that overtly leads them to believe that a criminal act happened. However, Miss Fuentes has been gone for a long time and this is not normal behavior so they are treating this as a criminal matter, added Rudy further. Currently, the YouTuber diving team has joined the search for Jolissa. It is reported that the Store video shows the missing girl alone, buying a cigar. She reportedly left the store in a 2011 gray Hyundai Accent with the license plate number 8MPU766.

According to her relatives, Fuentes’s home was to the right but she turned to the left. Reports claim that she face-timed her sister two times about an hour later. Unfortunately, her sister was sleeping and due to this reason, she could not pick up the call. As per reports, Jolissa was seen on a camera doubling back but the cops said that she was seen alone this time too. Alcaraz said that in the video, they have seen, she is seen by herself. many days might have passed but her family is hopeful that she would be found alive and safe. Keep following our site for more such updates and the latest news.



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