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Who is Lalit K Jha PTI journalist physically and verbally assaulted by Khalistanis in Washington

PTI journalist Lalit K Jha thanked the US Secret Service for making him feel protected and making sure that he could do his job peacefully, adding that otherwise, he would be tweeting “from the hospital”

Lalit K. Jha told ANI that he was threatened while covering the protests and so he called 911. At one point in time, he felt so much threatened and then spotted Secret Service officers and briefly narrated the incident to them.

Who is Lalit K Jha PTI journalist physically and verbally assaulted by Khalistanis in Washington in viral Twitter video

Lalit K. Jha career and education

Lalit K. Jha began his reporting career in 1997 with NAIJAONPOINT as a copywriter and staff reporter. Then he worked with The Hindu for 6 years. Lalit began working with NDTV in 2007 as a web correspondent and he left this job in October 2008. Froom 2005-2006, he worked as a Bureau chief in North America for Indian Express. He was hired by Indian Express to lead their team of 10 people.

Lalit holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Delhi along with a Post Graduate Journalism Diploma that he got from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan in 1997.

Lalit K. Jha latest news

‘The protesters who are supporting Amritpal have waved the flags of Khalistan and they descended upon the embassy in presence of the US Service. They even threatened the embassy and they have badly threatened Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu,’ Lalit Jha said.

Jha revealed that he will not charge those who heckled him.

The Indian embassy in the US has released a statement, “We have seen visuals of senior Indian journalists from the Press Trust of India being abused, threatened and also badly assaulted physically while the coverage of the so-called ‘Khalistan protesters’ in the city of Washington DC.

“We understand that the journalist was first verbally intimidated, and then he was physically beaten. We are deeply saddened by the attack on the senior journalist. These  activities only underscore violence and anti-social tendencies.”

A well-known Indian-American politician, Ro Khanna also condemned the attack, calling Jha a fair and thoughtful journalist.

Khanna said, ‘This violence which was done to @lalitkjha is outrageous and he was badly assaulted. I condemn it in the strongest terms. Lalit is one of the fairest and he is one of the most thoughtful journalists.”

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