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Who is Natasha Singh? T.J. Holmes allegedly affair with several women at ABC Amid Romance Rumors

There are allegations that TJ Holmes is a serial cheater. As well as his relationships with co-host Amy Robach and producer Natasha Singh, the “GMA3” host had at least one other affair, multiple sources tell Page Six. Multiple sources have reported that Holmes had a relationship with another staffer while working at the network and married Marilee Fiebig. TJ Holmes’s representatives did not respond to the allegation. According to a report from Page Six last week, co-anchors TJ Holmes, 45, and Amy Robach, 49, have left their partners after allegedly having an affair—but the pair have been plagued by internal speculation for years — going back as far as 2017—and were confronted by Robin Roberts over the speculation. A three-year affair between TJ Holmes and married “Good Morning America” producer Natasha Singh was also reported exclusively by Page Six.

Page Six reached out to Natasha Singh, who had since divorced. She said “no comment”. Marilee Fiebig discovered the affair in 2019 after several emails were found. Several news reports surrounding TJ Holmes’s alleged affair, with Amy Robach and his affair with Singh, resulted in TJ Holmes and Amy Robach being taken off the air on Monday. It was definitely TJ’s cheating with ABC staffers that led to their dismissal, says a source. As a result, it has become a distraction. In response to his alleged affairs, ABC declined to comment. It’s also no secret that he’s a d—k to producers. The insider says that no one likes working with him. The man yells and has the biggest ego. During an internal call on Monday, ABC News president Kim Godwin announced that the pair would no longer host their daily 1 p.m. show because it had become too much of a distraction.

During His Marriage, GMA Host TJ Holmes Cheated On Several Women At ABC, Including Co-host Amy Robach

Prior to his affair with Amy Robach, TJ Holmes allegedly cheated on his wife with several women at ABC. Since the allegations about TJ were outed last week, the anchor and his co-host have both been taken off the air. In addition to Amy, 49, and GMA producer Natasha Singh, 37, TJ, 45, had an affair with at least one other woman, Page Six reported. During his time at the network and while married to his wife, Marilee Fiebig, he had a relationship with another staffer. TJ and Amy left their spouses in August, according to reports. Both partners are believed to have split from their partners by the time the rendezvous began, although some sources claim they had been having an affair since June. TJ and Amy were first caught on camera on romantic dates and even on a weekend getaway by The Daily Mail last week.

tj holmes amy robach

Amy and TJ initially hosted GMA3 for two days, but they were removed on Monday morning. According to a source at The U.S. Sun, they were taken off the air in an effort to calm things down. It has not been determined that either of them violated any ABC policies,” a second insider added. A second source told The U.S. Sun that TJ is under investigation for allegedly violating a contract with Natasha. While working as a correspondent, TJ was romantically involved with the producer, The Daily Mail reported. Despite the messy scandal, other GMA anchors, such as Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos, seem “furious,” even though they have not yet commented publicly. The U.S. Sun exclusively learned from a source close to GMA production that the two are proud of their team’s reputation for demonstrating strong family values and happy marriages. George and Robin are not happy about this. There is a lot of mess here, the source said.

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