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Who Is Nicola Smith Wife Of Dean Smith, Her Age, Family, Net Worth

Dean Smith was the manager of the Norwich team, and his lovely wife is Nicola Smith

Nicola is very private, but she likes to work in the background because she has been important to her husband’s success.

Dean Smith is one of the most well-known Premier League managers. In the last two seasons, he completely changed Aston Villa. In 2018, he was hired as Villa’s manager, but the club let him go as head coach in 2021.

Who Is Nicola Smith Wife Of Ex-Norwich City Manager Dean Smith, Her Age, Family, Net Worth

He didn’t waste any time, and Smith signed a new deal with Norwich soon after that. Smith’s wife was always there for him, and when he slept really well, no matter what, it was his wife who felt the pressure.

She was born in 1971, so she is 51 years old. There is nothing known about when Nicola was born. We can’t be sure of Nicola zodiac sign because we don’t know when she was born. Since Nicola Smith was born in England, she is an English citizen.

Dean Smith is married to Nicola Smith, who is very pretty. Dean and Nicola have been together for a long time. They met when he was a professional football player for Hereford United. No one knows for sure when Dean Smith and Nicola got married. Back in the day, they got married in a private ceremony.

Nicola Smith is a very private person who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight or be seen by a lot of people. She likes to stay out of the spotlight and not be known. Most people know Nicola because she is married to Dean Smith, who is the manager of the Norwich team.

Family Of Nicola Smith

Nicola Smith has not said anything about who her parents are. Her mother and father are not known. It is also not clear if Nicola is an only child or if she has siblings.

What About Her Education?

Nicola Smith went to school in England and finished there. She finished high school well and started college right away, but no one knows what her major is yet.

Nicola’s Work Experience

Right now, Nicola job is being looked at, so stay tuned for more news. Nicola hasn’t said anything about what she does for a living. Dean Smith said, “She seems to be the one taking the brunt of the pressure.” This shows how much she backs up her husband.

Nicola Smith’s Income And Net Worth

Dean Smith is thought to have a net worth of more than £8 Million. Dean Smith makes more than £1 million a year as a salary. The man who used to run Aston Villa doesn’t like to live in luxury or drive expensive cars. He and his family keep things simple and follow the rules.

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