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Who is Rapper BTB Savage shot dead, age, real name, girlfriend, net worth, Twitter, Reddit

American rapper BTB Savage has been in the news because he tragically passed away recently in Houston on March 30, know his age and girlfriend

According to reports, BTB Savage, a promising young rapper, was fatally shot and died yesterday in Houston, on March 30. The information was released on social media just hours after he posted two images in which he looked to be standing at a crime scene where one of his competitors had supposedly been shot to death.

The pictures showed him standing in front of an apartment door with what looked like blood splatters on the walls and floor. He captioned the pictures, “Too much motion.”

Who is Rapper BTB Savage shot dead, age, real name, girlfriend, net worth, Twitter, Reddit video

Although there is no official confirmation of his death, his lack of social media activity since death rumors started to spread has alarmed his supporters. The culprits are still at large, but the police are now looking into the matter. Authorities have referred to the killing as “a targeted murder.”

Due to this, BTB Savage has become a hot topic of discussion, with many people trying to find out more about him. So, here’s what we know about him:

Who is BTB Savage?

Rapper BTB Savage reportedly shot and killed in Houston hours after seemingly mocking enemy’s death
by u/bodamfuonua1 in Music

BTB Savage was a well-known American rapper and musician. He has been in the news because he tragically passed away recently in Houston on March 30.

His real name was Darrell Gentry. He was born in 1996 in the United States of America. He is of African American ethnicity.

While nothing much is known about his educational life, he reportedly received his high school diploma at Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas.

He died on March 30, 2023, in River Oaks, Houston, Texas, US.

Prior to his death, BTB Savage also opened up about an alleged robbery and shooting incident involving his girlfriend and the late rapper recalled the shooting details during his interview with DJ Vlad.

During the interview, BTB Savage told how he guided his girlfriend and son to safety while injuring himself and as he recalled the incident, he also referred to his girlfriend as a “true gangster” while not disclosing her identity.

His career

BTB Savage became interested in music shortly after graduating from high school. Yet, there weren’t enough funds available for him to pursue his ideal job. He enrolled in the army and worked to improve his financial situation in an effort to address the issue. Then, he began to take rap seriously.

He became well-known in 2020 after her song “Dolce Gabbana” went viral on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

He continued to put out additional well-liked songs like “Break the Bank” and “Add It Up,” which were known for their catchy melodies, raw energy, and lyrics about consumerism, success, and money.

Although having a brief career, BTB Savage has worked with well-known singers and rappers, including Wiz and NLE Choppa. Furthermore, he has made appearances in a number of music videos and given live performances on various occasions.

Cause of death of BTB Savage

He was shot dead. However, it is not known who killed him. He had a net worth of 5 million.

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