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Who Is Tate Makgoe Wife Ivy? Family And Kids

tate makgoe

Tate Makgoe is a well-known figure in South Africa, particularly in the world of dance. He is the founder of the renowned dance academy, JOMBA, which has produced some of the best dancers in the country. While Tate is infamous for his excellence in dancing and his contribution to the dance industry, little is known about his wife, Ivy.

Ivy Makgoe is the wife of Tate Makgoe. She is known for being a supportive wife and a loving mother. Ivy has been married to Tate for several years, and together they have been blessed with four beautiful children. The couple resides in Gauteng, South Africa, and they have maintained a low profile despite Tate’s fame.

Ivy is not in the public eye as much as her husband, and she prefers it that way. She is content being a wife and mother and supporting her husband in all his endeavors. Ivy’s support for Tate is evident in the success of his dance academy, JOMBA. Tate often refers to Ivy as his better half, and he credits her for his success.

While little is known about Ivy’s profession, it is common knowledge that she plays an instrumental role in the family business. Together with her husband, Ivy manages a number of businesses, including the dance academy and other ventures. She is also involved in charitable work and has contributed significantly to charitable organizations in South Africa.

Ivy and Tate’s children have inherited their parents’ talent and passion for dance. Their eldest daughter, Keabetswe, is a renowned dancer and choreographer. She has performed on several international stages, including the African Cup of Nations and the FIFA World Cup. Their son, Katlego, is also a talented dancer, and together with his sister, they have won several dance competitions.

Tate and Ivy’s family is a clear example of the rewards of hard work and perseverance. Tate’s success would not have been possible without Ivy’s support, and their children’s talent is a testament to their parents’ dedication to their craft. Ivy’s selflessness and commitment to her family have endeared her to many, and she continues to inspire through her actions.

In conclusion, Ivy Makgoe is a devoted wife, mother, and businesswoman. She is the backbone of Tate’s success and a source of inspiration to many. Her love for her family and community is evident in her charitable work and tireless efforts to make a difference. The Makgoe family is an illustration of the importance of family values and hard work, and Ivy’s contribution cannot be overstated.