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Who is Tova Friedman Holocaust survivor viral on TikTok, age, father, mother, husband

Tova Friedman is an age 85-year-old survivor of the Holocaust. Tova is a famous TikTok celebrity as her 17-year-old grandson keeps on making her videos on posting them

Tova Friedman’s grandson shot brief clips of his grandmother who was recalling life in early 1944 and 1945 when she was just a kid of 6 years old at Auschwitz concentration camp while sitting in the family’s living room at their residence based in Morristown, New Jersey. She then further talked about what Friedman did before and after the program.

The duo started uploading such videos on social media in September of 2021 and they have also claimed that films there have reached 75 million views.

Who is Tova Friedman Holocaust survivor viral on TikTok, age, father, mother, husband, story

Who is Tova Friedman?

Tova Friedman was born in 1938 and she is a Holocaust survivor. Holocaust, also spelled as Shoah refers to World War II’s mass murder of people belonging to the Jewish community in Europe. More than six million Jewish people who were based in Europe were systematically murdered by Nazi Germany along with its allies from 1941 to 1945.

Tova Friedman (née Grossman; born January 27, 1938) is a Polish American therapist, social worker, author, and academic and is a Holocaust survivor.
Born: Tova Grossman; January 27, 1938

But Tova gained recognition as a Tiktoker when her grandson began posting brief clips of her. Aron Goodman, who is her grandson has claimed that the famous videos were “those that show her number,” the prisoner identification tattooed on their arms at Auschwitz.

‘People around the world are rarely having the opportunity of seeing a survivor with history written on their arm. So we are spreading our messages through social media and TikTok, and we also demonstrate evidence of the Holocaust that people wrongfully deny.’ Aron said

A large number of viewers commented on their videos and thanked Friedman for sharing her recollections.

In the videos, Friedman also remembers her mother, who is not famous but she recalls her teachings on how to survive in a camp by not making eye contact with the guards and also hiding among dead corpses. Her mother was despondent after the war and perished in her forties. Her father was the owner of a successful tailoring.

Humans are always asking Friedman how she can ever trust or love humans after seeing the drastic ending of the Jewish community. Friedman said, ‘she saw many other Holocaust survivors who lost their families in camps getting remarried and had more children back then.’

Tova met and married Maier Friedman, a Jewish-American biochemist, and they had four children. Tova Friedman is among the youngest people to survive the Nazi Holocaust.

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