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Who was Daniel Ciczek to Jeffery Dahmer? Is Daniel Ciczek associated to Jeffery Dahmer?

In Episode 5 of Dahmer Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story, we observed the establish of Daniel Ciczek, a youthful man in a graduation gown whose funeral was marketed in a newspaper.

Jeff Dahmer was at a spot that seems like a restaurant the place he was sipping a can of beer.

He revealed that after watching the data of Daniel Ciczek’s funeral throughout the papers, he (Dahmer) thought he (Daniel) was gorgeous so he decided to go to his funeral regardless that they’d certainly not met sooner than.

Jeffery Dahmer revealed that he went to Daniel Ciczek’s wake-keeping and all totally different suppliers in regards to the funeral.

He moreover revealed that after attending the funeral, he decided to dig him up and lay with him. He said this was on account of he felt Daniel’s lifeless physique was nonetheless latest and he wanted to have time with the lifeless physique.

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Dahmer actually went to the cemetery to dig up Daniel Ciszek merely that it didn’t work on account of it was the dry season in March and the grounds have been too exhausting and it’ll have taken him with out finish to dig his physique out. So he gave up.

Dahmer actually confessed to the police that he had wished to do that it doesn’t matter what it takes anyway.

Jeffery Dahmer moreover added in his confession that ought to he have dug out Daniel Ciczek, he believes which may have been the highest of his killings. Because he wanted that act to be his ultimate heinous train.

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Who was Daniel Ciczek to Jeffery Dahmer?

They weren’t in any method having any connection. They certainly not met in life.

Is Daniel Ciczek associated to Jeffery Dahmer?

Daniel Ciczek and Jeffery Dahmer weren’t associated. Dahmer merely had a fantasy to dig up his lifeless physique.

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