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Who Was Hairdresser Amy Al Hazouri? To Be Laid to Rest in Sydney after Gangland Shooting



Hairdresser Amy Al Hazouri death

At the beginning of this month, a 39-year-old hairdresser Amy Al Hazouri was killed in a Gangland shooting. It is coming forward that her disheartened family took the deceased woman’s photographs and her pink teddy bear to a mosque, in Sydney, to pay her last tributes. It is no doubt to say that her unfortunate passing has affected her entire family and everyone who was close to her. Reports state that the family has decided to let her lifeless body rest in Sydney rather than be repatriated to Lebanon. Check further details here.

Hairdresser Amy Al Hazouri death

According to reports, Amy Al Hazouri was killed on Saturday, August 13, 2022, in Panania. However, she was not the only individual to get killed that day as her 48-year-old friend Lametta Fadlallah was also shot dead. Talking about the incident, the officials said that Al Hazouri was an innocent victim and collateral damage in the shooting and that she has no connection with the people associated with the shootout. Hazouri’s family said that after her death, Al’s family disclosed that they could not afford to repatriate her body to Lebanon and even created a GoFundme page to raise cremation expenses.

Despite this request, it has since come to light that the family decided to inter Al Hazouri at Rookwood Cemetery on Friday after a ceremony at Lakemba Mosque. Her father led her grieving family in taking her remains to the mosque while others carried her pink teddy bear and framed pictures. According to The Daily Telegraph, her distraught mother viewed the event live from Austria. During the funeral, NSW Police were also there and patrolled the area around the mosque. To honor Amy’s memory, the Lebanese Muslim Association, which oversaw the burial arrangements, is constructing a fountain and a memorial.

Reportedly, the funeral arrangements were announced on the family’s behalf by a friend who worked at the Bankstown hair salon with Al Hazouri. The hairdresser’s friend posted on social media and thanked everyone for their support and patience. Sharing a photo with Hazouri, the friend wrote “come back even as a shadow, even as a dream”. As per the sources, Fadlallah was laid to rest a week after her death, on Monday. Her youngest son Ghazi carried a framed picture of his mother as he walked ahead of the white and gold coffin. Not much information about the same has come to the front yet. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.



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