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Who Was James Towle? Texas Man Killed In Santa Fe, Identified

The shocking news is taking place on the internet and everyone is stunned after knowing about it. It’s crime news that took place on the internet and everyone is talking about it on social media. It is a shooting case, where a 55 years old man visited Siler Rufina Nexus neighborhood of Santa Fe and was shot and killed by a man. The investigator has identified, who was the killer. Here in this article, we will share all information about this murder case we have.

Who Was James Towle Texas Man Killed In Santa Fe, Identified

Texas Man Killed In Santa Fe, Identified

A day before new year’s eve on 30th December 2022 at around 12:30 A.M. 55 years old man James Towl visited Santa Fa police from Texas. The time when police get the news they arrived at the crime scene in Rufina Street and Siler Road area and started their investigation. In a report, they said that when they reach the place they found James with one gunshot. According to the police when they found him he was already dead.

Further, they said the investigation is still going on, but there is no suspects have found yet. Police have released a statement in which they said that if anyone has any type of information or evidence related to the homicide to come forward. It can help to find out the culprit. There is very less information is available on the internet about James. But according to the police report he was 55 years old and was born in 1967.

Who Was James Towle?

James was walking along Rufina, which is about a half mile away from Meow Wolf at the time of his death. He arrived in the city a day before his death and the police also marked it as a clear case of homicide. As the suspect still absconded, the police advised the victim’s family to take basic precautions. After the incident Patrykk and Jenny Ortiz the owners of Signs of Santa Fa who live above their shop called the police when they noticed a yelling sound outside on the road.

The noise was followed by the gunshot sound that killed James Towle. It was the eighth homicide in the city in the year 2022 and the seventh to be discovered by the Santa Fe Police. People on social media are talking about it and asking for justice for James Towle by using hashtags. Many people are sending condolences to his family on Twitter as they are going threw a very hard time. His family is grieving his death and is not able to talk with the media so his funeral details are not disclosed by his family. But as soon as we get any information related to him or the case we will update this article. To get more updates and the latest news stay connected with

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