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Who Was Natalie Fornasier? Sydney Writer Dies Aged 28 Cause Of Death Explained

A well-known Sydney writer and health advocate Natalie Fornasier has sadly passed away. She was only 28 at the time of her death. It is coming forward that Natalie breathed her last on January 14, 2023. Her unfortunate death was confirmed in an obituary notice which was published in The Sydney Morning Herald. Her passing news has come two months after she tied the knot with her partner Alex in a private ceremony in her palliative care facility. Tributes have poured in for her ever since the news got announced. Check how did she die in the article below.

According to reports, Natalie died of cancer. When she was 20 years old, a skin check revealed a suspicious mole on one of her toes, leading to her initial diagnosis of stage three metastatic melanoma. She said in 2019 after a prolonged operation, “We’re confident to disclose that both cancerous tumors have been removed but, now comes a long road of rehabilitation and future treatment.” However, she broke the heartbreaking news that her cancer was terminal by December 2022 Fornasier.

Who Was Natalie Fornasier?

“I learned that my cancer was terminal and that I only had a few months to live towards the end of July. I had been avoiding the phrase for years, and I was scared of it since I always knew it might happen”, She composed. For the past four months, I have cried and yelled every day. I’ve lost myself in tears, grieving for Alexander, the pain of losing him, and the love I would be leaving behind — for the life we were supposed to have.

She brought up the heartbreaking subject of her impending death at the age of 28. “It feels terrible in every way. None of the discussions I’ve had to have, the decisions I’ve had to make, or the places my mind has been and continue to travel are natural. It hurts,” she wrote. “To love was all I wanted in life. Despite the fact that I’m leaving this planet, I know that the energy and love I’ve encountered are indescribably precious, strong, and soul-altering.

She said about her connection with Alexander that she had “experienced a love that is all consuming – something so truly valuable and powerful and soul changing that I know that even if I’m leaving this earth, that energy and love will never die.” Her life purpose was to live. Fornasier continued by saying that they had “grieved together” in secret and that her husband had “found so many ways to keep me in his life.” Stay connected with Social Telecast.



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