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Who Were Mervyn Schwarz & Maree Schwarz? Farm Massacre Killed The Husband-Wife And Their Son Graham Tighe In Australia



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A mother, father, and son were killed at a farm massacre in the remote outback of Australia. The deceased are identified as Mervyn, Maree Schwarz, and their kid Graham Tighe. 

The incident was reported around 9 am Wednesday after police received the call. A man with a bullet wound in his stomach had traveled man kilometers to contact the authorities. 

The disturbing, what people call a farm massacre happened in a small mining town in the rural part of Bogie, North Queensland, with a resident of just around 200 people. 

Mervyn and Maree Schwarz are the victims of the farm massacre near Bogie, north Queensland. The victimized woman had become a grandmother just 18 months ago. She had then shared the image with the child, bearing a smile on her face. The deceased’s family might release their obituary very soon, but the police investigation is also on the go.

The police received the call at 9 am, which reported a shot man near a remote rural property near Bogie. He was known to be one of the victims of the shootout, which had killed three people. 

It might be that the family is currently cooperating with the cops and trying to help recover the one who survived the tragic incident. Queensland Police Acting SUperitendent Tom Armitt reported they also went to the rural part with extra precaution as the use of firearms is common.

Additionally, a total of four victims were identified in the incident, and all of them were from the same family. Also, the officials had taken the suspect into custody. 


Along with the farm couple, one of their son Graham Tighe was also brutally killed on the spot. But fortunately, Tighe’s younger brother managed to flee the farm massacre with a bullet wound. He was the one who had reached out for help after escaping to another property and contacting authorities. 

He could go several kilometers away in a car to raise the alarm, as the property was in a rural, hilly area. He was airlifted to the McKay Base Hospital in an emergency situation as he was blood-soaked. 

The officials reported he was undergoing surgery for the bullet wound he had received. Later they again updated he was in stable condition and was in the intensive care unit. 

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A neighbor got arrested after he was reported as the alleged shooter. According to Armitt, he was a long-time resident of the area and will remain in custody. He also added that they would further proceed to lay criminal charges on him in relation to this matter. 

Officials also got the information about both the parties gathering at the property’s gate earlier that morning. They had a conversation the night before and later finalized to meet there in the morning. 

Cops also got to know the Schwarz couple and family had recently purchased the 300-square kilometer property for $10 million in May 2021, according to Daily Mail. The plots were zoned for farming, cattle grazing, and breeding uses. 

The investigation is still on the go, and the main cause of the incident is suspected to be a land dispute. 

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