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Whoopi Goldberg’s Opinions on Police Reforms Following Tyre Nichols’ Death Sparks Outrage Online

Social media is ablaze with criticism after Whoopi Goldberg expressed her views on police reform. According to the co-host of The View, we “need to see white people get beaten” before policing reforms are made. Her firing was called for by several netizens who claimed she incited violence and was racist. In the aftermath of Tyre Nichols’ death, Whoopi Goldberg made the comments, which sparked outrage across the country. The Memphis native was brutally beaten by police in graphic bodycam footage. Three days after his attack, the 29-year-old died in the hospital. On Monday Morning, Whoopi Goldberg asked viewers if changes to police reform had to be seen before Caucasian people were brutally attacked.

As the co-host began talking about police reform, he said it didn’t matter if it was a black or white officer. 67-year-old Whoopi stated on her show that it had to do with policing itself. It seems things don’t make sense to people unless they are able to recognize or feel someone. Does anyone need to see white people getting beaten before they will act? Please don’t tell me that I’m a racist because I am not suggesting that. It’s just that I’m wondering if that’s what people have to see in order to wake up and realize this affected us all.

Whoopi Goldberg Is Getting Online Backlash Sparked By Tyre Nichols’ Comments

Social media is exploding with backlash after Whoopi Goldberg expressed her views on police reform. During her show, The View, the co-host asked whether we should see white people “get beat” before policing systems are changed. She was accused of inciting violence and racism by several netizens who urged her to be fired. Following Tyre Nichols’ death, Whoopi Goldberg made the comments, sparking national outrage. A bodycam video shows the Memphis native being brutally beaten by police officers. He died three days after his attack in the hospital. Whoopi Goldberg questioned viewers on Monday Morning about whether it was necessary to see Caucasian people viciously attacked before police reform would be implemented. During the discussion on police reform, the co-host said it didn’t matter if it was a Caucasian or Black officer. On the show, Whoopi said that there is a problem with policing itself. She added: “People don’t understand things before they can identify with them or feel them.” Do white people need to be beaten as well for people to pay attention?

Don’t write about us and tell me I’m a racist because I’m not suggesting that. It’s just a question of whether that is what people need to see in order to realize this affects us all. According to her, it doesn’t seem to matter until someone of their own race is beaten up. Also agreeing with Whoopi was co-host Ana Navarro. There was a larger issue at hand than just the race of the policemen, she said on the show. Many netizens felt that the co-host was inciting violence despite her stating that she was not racist. Her immediate dismissal was demanded by many. Thousands of people around the world compared the death of George Floyd to that of Elijah McClain. All three men, along with Nichols, were Black men who were killed by American police officers. Following the brutal murder of Tyre Nichols, five Memphis police officers have been fired. Among other charges, they have been charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault. Since the Scorpion Unit beat Nichols, they have also been disbanded.



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