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Why Atiku Is Forming Secret Govt Before Election- PCC Source

The confidence of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, is yet to be unmatched, as it has been disclosed that he is forming secret government even before winning the 2023 election.


Naijaonpoint reports that the former vice president of Nigeria a presidential campaign council member confirmed is no longer looking at the February 25 presidential election, but is concentrating on how he would deliver the promises he made to Nigerians immediately after he is announced winner of the election.


According to the senior member of Atiku’s PCC, whoever is taking over from Buhari is inheriting a big mess, and will fail woefully in delivering promises made to Nigerians if he does not start how to execute his promises from day one. He said Atiku been sure he would win the 2023 election has to start putting things in the right places.



The source said, “Whoever is taking over from Buhari is not only going to inherit a gigantic mess, but also fail woefully if he does not start planning now. We know this, and this is why our candidate wants to get things moving even before the elections. We know we are going to win the election and Atiku is going to be the president of Nigeria in May.”


The PDP candidate, Atiku has set up a Policy and Advisory Committee to begin designing what he called “a robust framework for effective governance under an Atiku Abubakar federal administration.”


In the terms of reference given to the committee, they are to submit recommendations for prioritization of the implementation of government policies and programmes contained in the blueprint of his manifesto.


Atiku said: “Given the enormity of the problems which will be bequeathed to the incoming administration, coupled with acute scarcity of resources, submit recommendations for prioritization of the implementation of government policies and programmes contained in the blueprint to avoid losing focus and its attendant problems of indigestion.”


The Policy and Advisory Committee members are to also “undertake an extensive review of the organizational framework and structure of the entire Federal Government (including the presidency, ministries, departments and agencies) since the introduction of the presidential system of government in 1999 and determine if the structure as designed and built was truly reflective of the cornerstone principles of a presidential system of government in best practice environments, whether the structure over time has become too large, unwieldy, inefficient and expensive, whether, in a fast-changing world, conscious and deliberate efforts have been made to adapt our system of government (which has been in operation for 23 years) to the needs and dictates of a 21st-century world.”


The terms of reference given by Atiku also require the committee members to “undertake benchmark desk studies and tour of a few countries which represent the best models of presidential systems of government with a view to onboarding powerful lessons in how we can reorganize our various institutions of government to become highly competitive, effective and efficient.”



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