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Why Did Hunter Biden Get Payments from China?

House Republicans Question Hunter Biden Payments From Chinese Energy Firm Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee want answers about payments by the State Energy HK Limited to members of the Biden family.

Hunter Biden Drama Show 

Hunter Biden, his sister-in-law and onetime girlfriend Hallie Biden, and uncle and brother of the president, James Biden, received payments from an account belonging to Biden family associate Rob Walker’s company Robinson Walker, LLC., a memo released by the committee Thursday says.

It uncovered a fourth account with the name “Biden” attached to it that received money from Robinson Walker, LLC. It would investigate which Biden the account belonged to. Two payments totaling $30,000 went into the “Biden” account in March 2017 and another $25,000 in April 2017, and a further payment of $15,000 was deposited in May 2017.

New evidence obtained through Robinson Walker’s bank records subpoena found two payments totaling $35,000 to Hallie Biden. James Biden received $360,000 between Apr. 3, 2017 and May 18, 2017. Rob Walker received $869,308 of this money. 

Last October, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, raised questions about the “counterintelligence and extortion concerns” related to the transactions. Extortion and blackmail frequently are used by foreign intelligence agencies to manipulate their targets into doing their bidding. 

That money came from an account that received $3 million from State Energy HK Limited, an affiliate of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) intelligence linked CEFC China Energy. Walker became the conduit through which CEFC China Energy chairman Ye Jianming connected with the Bidens. 

Ye served as deputy secretary general of China Association for International Friendly Contacts (CAIFC), an entity closely tied to Chinese military intelligence whose job is to destroy the PLA’s enemies. Grassley raised this question about CEFC China Energy’s ties to Chinese military intelligence in his October letter. 

Hunter Biden referred to Ye as his “business partner” in audio found on his leaked laptop. A report in The Daily Mail disclosed that Hunter Biden had full awareness that CEFC China Energy was an integral part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative. 

“The Committee is concerned about the information revealed in these bank records, including: (1) why the Chinese energy company waited less than two months after Vice President Biden left public office to send the $3 million wire; (2) why the Robinson Walker, LLC account received the China company’s payment instead of the Biden family members’ companies; (3) why the payments to the Biden family members were structured in incremental payments to different bank accounts; (4) what services the Biden family members provided to the China company and when those purported services were provided; (5) why Hallie Biden—publicly reported to work as a school counselor—received money from Robinson Walker, LLC; 2 and (6) who the account holder is for the bank account entitled ‘Biden,’” the committee asked in its latest memorandum.

The committee wants answers to help craft future legislation that would prevent the family members of presidents or vice presidents from profiting off their relatives’ high office and from jeopardizing national security.

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