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Why Is Everybody Ganging Up on Poor Hunter Biden?



Hunter Biden2

New in PJ Media:

After stories of Hunter Biden, his laptop from hell, and his massive web of shady dealings were ignored until Old Joe Biden was safely installed as pseudo-president of the United States and long after that as well, suddenly the Hunter Biden stories are everywhere. And so it must be asked: why now? Why has the establishment media, which has long been definitively established as a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, suddenly decided that Hunter Biden actually exists after all, and is a very, very big problem?

From the headlines we’re seeing these days, it’s as if Steve Bannon has taken over all the major media outlets. The New York Times started the ball rolling with a March 16 story in which the Gray Lady actually admitted the existence of Hunter’s laptop. That just opened the floodgates: “Inside Hunter Biden’s multimillion-dollar deals with a Chinese energy company,” was an actual Washington Post headline Wednesday. On the same day, Hunter’s dirty dealings made CBS News and, of all places, MSNBC.

Even CNN, also on Wednesday, dropped its pom-poms and stopped cheerleading for Old Joe long enough to feature a report saying that Hunter faces a “very real, very substantial investigation of potentially serious federal crimes…There is a realistic chance this could result in federal charges.” The Hill thought that CNN’s report was serious enough to warrant a story of its own, which stated that “Hunter Biden’s history of drug use and relationships in the international business world have been the subject of scorn among Republicans and critics of his father for years” and made no attempt to claim that this was just right-wing smear-mongering and that Hunter was as pure as the driven snow.

So why have the Left’s various propaganda arms suddenly decided that Americans need to know all about what Hunter Biden has been up to? When the Washington Post, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN all run with a story on the same day that they’ve been steadfastly stonewalling, it’s not just reasonable, but necessary, to question the timing.

Could the sudden spate of Hunter Biden stories have anything to do with The Big Guy’s disastrous, gaffe-filled trip to Poland, where he almost started World War III several times with his ham-fisted misstatements, forcing the White House Cleanup After Joe Office to go on 24-hour alert? Biden’s handlers had to walk back Joe’s declaration that Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power” and his telling American troops what they would see when they got to Ukraine, and his claim (which he offered to clarify his statement about the troops) that American troops were training Ukrainian troops in Poland.

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Five things to know about the former ‘City of Rhythm’ star



Five things to know about the former City of Rhythm

Here’s what we knew about legendary actor Jamie Bartlett who passed away on Monday, May 23 at the age of 55.

Rest in Peace Jamie Bartlett

Actor Jamie Bartlett’s family confirmed his death to eNCA on Monday, May 23. Barrett’s cause of death has not been released. He was 55 when he died.

Mzansi mourns the passing of Jamie Bartlett. Image via Twitter @philmphela.

So, what do we know about actors?

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1. He is best known for his role as David Genaro in “City of Rhythm”

Bartlett is best known for his role as villain David Genaro on City of Rhythm. He played for over a decade before quitting Genaro in February 2020.

The actor is also known for his role on SABC’s Mike O’Riley. Isidingo. He was also one of the judges for the seventh and eighth seasons of SA’s Got Talent.

2. Bartlett attended the University of Cape Town (UCT)

former city ​​of rhythm Stars study speech and drama at UCT.

3. He is in a relationship

Bartlett was in a relationship with Rosa Onius, 28. The pair have been together for some time, and Rosa accompanied Jamie to the 2021 Royal Soap Awards, which he hosts with Zola Nombona. Take a look…

He was previously married to actress Camilla Waldman, with whom he shares a son. Camilla as Anne De Villiers on SABC 1 generations.

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4. Bartlett was an award-winning actor

The actor has won many awards, including the South African Film and Television Award and the Fleur Du Cap Drama Award.

5. He was born in England

Barlett was born in Maidenhead, England, to a South African mother and an English father.

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Ukraine-News. Russia is fighting for key positions in Donbas



Ukraine News Russia is fighting for key positions in Donbas

Habek sees oil embargo coming +++ Ukraine reports killing of civilians +++ Lavrov advises Russia to focus on China +++ Developments in the Ukrainian war. star-Tickers.

90th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Three months after the start of Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine, President Vladimir Zelensky expects more difficult weeks for his country. Again, he demands more weapons from the West so that Ukraine can defend itself.

Since the beginning of the war, the United Nations has registered more than 6.5 million people fleeing Ukraine, most of them to Poland. At least 3,930 civilians have been killed and 4,532 injured by the United Nations. The British Secret Service estimates that the casualties of Russians in Ukraine are already as high as those of the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Federal Foreign Minister Analena Baerbock (Greens) received her Polish counterpart Zbign-Rau in Berlin on Tuesday. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it refers to the Russian war in Ukraine – other international, European – bilateral issues.

9.46: The ECB does not currently envisage a recession

Despite the war in Ukraine, the European Central Bank (ECB) does not currently predict a recession in the euro area. “At the moment we do not see a recession in the eurozone,” ECB President Christine Lagarde told Bloomberg during the World Economic Forum in Davos. The economic downturn is not currently the starting point for the central bank. Following the announcements, the yield of the Euro և Bund has increased.

Lagarde identified some forces that counterbalanced the intensity of the Ukraine war. He, among other issues, referred to the low level of unemployment, the high level of savings of private households.

09.03. The General Staff of Ukraine reports heavy fighting in the east

According to Ukrainian sources, the Russian troops in Donbas are still pursuing the goal of completely occupying the Luhansk region. “The enemy does not stop attacking,” the Ukrainian General Staff said on Tuesday morning. In particular, attempts are being made to blockade the strategically important cities of Sverodonetsk and Lisichansk.

At the same time, the Russian armed forces also suffered heavy losses in Sijerodonetsk, the statement said. This information could not be verified at first. Fierce fighting also continued around the town of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region.

7.25. Russia is trying to gain a key position in the Donbas

According to the Ukrainian government, the Russian armed forces are trying to occupy key positions in eastern Ukraine with heavy bombardment. The situation in Donbas is even “extremely difficult” as the Russians try to “eliminate everything alive,” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said on Tuesday evening. Russia is trying to blockade the cities of Severodonetsk and Lisichansk. The Ministry of Defense reported fierce fighting around Bakhmut.

The fall of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region will allow Russian troops to take control of the most important center, which currently serves as the command center for most of Ukraine’s military operations in the East. “We have reached a point where we are in the process of making evacuation mandatory,” said Serhiy Kalyan, head of the Bakhmut military administration. Luhansk Governor Serhiy Gaiday, on the other hand, said that the shelling of Severodonetsk was so strong that evacuation was impossible.

07:24. Ukraine’s defense adviser in Mariupol called the main goal “achieved”.

Despite the collapse of the port city of Mariupol, the adviser to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine sees that the main military goal has been achieved there. “The main goal was achieved in Mariupol. it was to hold back Russian groups (…) more than 20,000 Russian soldiers. And it became possible due to the heroism of the defenders of Mariupol, the defenders of the defenders, who later appeared in K. “Azovstal,” Yuri Sak told ARD Morgenmagazin on Tuesday. As a result, Russian troops would not be able to occupy other territories in eastern Ukraine.

Azovstal’s soldiers would give the Ukrainians time to regroup to receive more military assistance from their international counterparts. “From this point of view, the goal was achieved,” says Sack. The last Ukrainian fighters of the Azov Steel Plant in Mariupol were handed over last week.

At 5.01. Pelman, a left-wing politician, admits to making NATO assessment mistakes

The left-wing member of the Bundestag, Soren Pellman, is campaigning for his party to improve its course on Russia’s NATO. “If you ask outside today if NATO is a possible alliance, many will say yes,” Pellmann told a German news agency. Fear of escalating the war in Ukraine is growing among the population, skepticism that the supply of weapons will end the war. But. “The demand for the dissolution of NATO is not a problem at the moment.”

Leipziger is the Commissioner for the Left Parliamentary Group. He has publicly stated that he is considering running for ... of federal president of his party. At 12.00 he wants to make an announcement in Berlin.

12:17 Lavrov advises Russia to focus more on Eurasia

According to the Russian Foreign Minister, the “dictatorial position” of the West towards Russia accelerates the development of its country’s economic relations with China. “Moscow will rely only on those states that have ‘proven their reliability,’” Lavrov was quoted as saying by state-run Ria Tass news agencies on Tuesday evening.

According to Lavrov, the future is in the Eurasian region. In addition to China, he mentioned India and Iran as important partners. In his opinion, Russia should no longer rely on Western supplies. Rather, Russia will “seriously consider” whether it needs to restore relations if the West offers something.

12:12. Ukrainians report three civilians

According to Ukrainian sources, three civilians were killed in Russian attacks in eastern Ukraine on Monday. Another six people were injured, Donetsk region governor Pavlo Kirilenko wrote in the Telegram. The Ukrainian army announced that it had destroyed eight tanks, one drone, six planes and other military equipment on the Russian side. It is mentioned that a Russian missile was hit in the Novukrainka region. The information could not be verified independently.

According to Ukrainian information, Russia is expanding the command structures of the military police in eastern Ukraine. 19 so-called command offices have been set up in the occupied territories of Kherson-Zaporozhye, the General Staff of Ukraine wrote on Monday evening.

0.10 in the morning. Selensky calls for more weapons

After a three-month war, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky demanded modern anti-missile weapons and fighter jets from the West against Russian attacks. “Many people” would not die if we got all the weapons we ask for, “Zelensky said in a new video message Monday night. Since the start of the war on February 24, his country has been the target of 3,000 air strikes and almost 1,500 rocket attacks. The vast majority of attacks were aimed at civilian targets.

War in Ukraine.  An expert on Putin's non-military leverage

Picture by Picture Alliance / Kay Knitfeld

“All of Ukraine’s partners agree that their country’s struggle against Russia serves to ‘protect the common values ​​of all the countries of the free world,’” Zelensky said. That is why his country has the right to arms assistance. The situation continues to be difficult in eastern Ukraine, where the Russian army has concentrated its activities. He does not expect Russia to cede the occupied territories in Kharkov region and other regions. “The coming weeks of the war will be difficult,” he added.

12:04: Habek sees that there will be an oil embargo soon

Federal Minister of Economy Robert Habek sees an oil embargo against Russia, in his own words, “within reach.” There are only a few countries that report problems, especially Hungary, the vice chancellor told the ZDF “Heute Journal” on Monday night. Here you can be careful. But then “something has to happen” in Hungary. Habek added. “Well, I think we will reach a breakthrough in a few days.”

The EU Commission has proposed to suspend the import of Russian crude oil to Ukraine in six months due to the aggressive Russian war. As a compromise, the Commission proposes to give Hungary more time. The proposal is not far enough for the government of Prime Minister Victor Orban.




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