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Why Tár is About So Much More Than Cancel Culture

This article contains spoilers for Tár (2022). Additionally, it discusses sensitive subjects relating to abuse and suicide. Please read at your own discretion.Todd Field's Tár has become one of 2022's most discussed movies. The critically-acclaimed film, described (somewhat oxymoronically) as a fictional biopic, tells the story of composer Lydia Tár and her fall from grace. Much of the praise directed towards the project has been centered on Cate Blanchett's immaculate work playing the titular character. Critique of the film has largely revolved around its commentary on hot-button issues like race, gender, and class, but many have been determined to narrow its broad focus. Despite the nuance of Blanchett's performance and the complexities of its ample runtime, many critics and audience members have reduced Tár down to one topic; cancel culture.



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