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Why Yellowstone's Danny Huston Believes Taylor Sheridan Uses Violence To Tell The Story

In “Yellowstone” Season 2, it’s revealed that Dan Jenkins remained in Montana, sporting a rope burn around his neck, a constant reminder from John Dutton (Kevin Costner) about who the biggest fish in the pond is. Jenkins has been just one of several adversaries for Dutton.

Speaking to TV Insider in July 2019, Huston theorized the story of “Yellowstone” and the constant battles over land and resistance to change is closely related to the birth of major turning points in American history, the most drastic of which often turned bloody. Jenkins represented the more civilized future, while John was the past. Yet both are so rigid in their ways that neither is capable of all that much progress.

“It’s, in a way, a story about America and how the country has been born. A lot of birth in America is through violence and there’s nobody better than Taylor Sheridan to write that subject, the subject of the birth of America. The character of Dan Jenkins is a more civilized America, but will that civilized quality in Dan Jenkins survive the violence that is brought upon it?” Huston said.



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