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William and Harry can be reunited thanks to Princess Eugenie’s playful diplomacy

tThe long-running estrangement between King Charles III’s two sons, William and Harry, is only getting bigger After the premiere of the documentary series “Harry and Meghan”but according to a member of the royal family, there is still a good chance that the two will meet and settle their differences.

He always thought it would be Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, who will act as mediator between the two brothersBut in reality she looks like another princess, with a more cheerful personality, who achieves what at this time seems impossible.

Eugenie is the perfect person to bring them together

Princess Eugenie, Daughter of Disgrace Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (better known as Fergie)She was characterized by a kind and cheerful personality, despite the fact that her parents and her father were divorced. Andrew, is involved in many scandals.

Eugenie, 32, is the favorite cousin of both William and Harry, To be the bridge of reconciliation between the two brothers. The Princess gets along well with both of them and is known for her great diplomacy, so she manages to maintain a very good relationship with both sides, With both Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, as well as with William and his wife, Kate.

According to information from Hollywood Life, “Eugenie is still very close with William and Kate, she hasn’t taken sides or any nonsense like that. She loves them both.”

She will have a lot of work to do after Harry’s book is published

In January, Prince Harry’s book “Spear” will be published and is supposed to be published Offering deeper and more powerful discoveries than those seen in the Netflix seriesSo the people close to the royal circle hope that Eugenie will be the one who succeeds in achieving the miracle.

Now the hope is that over time she will be able to help heal the rift between the siblings. Sure, Nobody expects her to do it overnight, but if anyone can do it, it’s her,” one insider noted.

During the last Super Bowl between Cincinnati Bengals And Los Angeles Rams, Eugenie and Harry attended the game together, along with their partners, Jack Brooksbank and Meghan Markle. They were seen having fun and enjoying the event, so much so that once the event was over, the four of them enjoyed a nice private dinner.

It is this good relationship that Eugenie has with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that many in Buckingham enjoy Excited for her to be the one to get the siblings back together and restart their relationship.




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