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“Wind-up merchant” Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale finally slams Richarlison

Cockiness is a real thing in sport. But no sport is fuelled by cockiness more than football. It’s a game of egos – which can either work in your favour, or work against you, depending on how good you and your teammates are. Unfortunately for the woeful Richarlison, cockiness works against him. This was proven in the North London derby against Arsenal a couple of months ago.

The Brazil international kicked off after the game and was involved in a brawl with Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale. Since the brawl, it’s been the losing Richarlison who’s been the most vocal, not the winning Ramsdale. However, the Arsenal shot-stopper has finally been vocal about his views on the situation.

Speaking with ESPN, Ramsdale described as Richarlison as a “wind-up merchant”, claiming that “It can either bite you in the bum or work in your favour and I think there have been times when it has worked in his favour”.

In the case of the North London derby, though, it didn’t work in his favour. In fact, far from it. His side failed to come up with any attacking creativity, something you could easily point fingers at Richarlison for.

Richarlison is a flop, there are no two ways about it. He came to Spurs with a huge price tag and has done nothing to live up to that hype. Richarlison fans will be quick to retort that his strongest position is vacant, with Harry Kane playing as the lead striker. However, any real footballer knows that to compete for a position, you must show up on the pitch – Richarlison is not doing that.

It’s good to see Ramsdale have his say on the situation. Richarlison has been very vocal about his annoyance with Ramsdale, describing him as “disrespectful” (via Mirror).

Do you side with Richarlison or Aaron Ramsdale?



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