Windows 10 Beta channel is live and it brings various bug fixes

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Microsoft offered some major improvements to Windows 11 with the March 2024 update. The company has also improved the File Explorer in the latest Windows 11 preview.

Now Microsoft has announced Windows 10 22H2 Build 19045.4593 (KB5039299) for both the Beta and Release Preview Channel for insiders on Windows 10 22H2. The new build contains fixes for a number of known bugs. Both the Beta Channel and the Release Preview channel of the Windows 10 build will receive the same Windows 10 builds.

The new build focuses on fixing known bugs

However, Microsoft says that they will try new features only in the Beta Channel for insiders. These new features are not yet ready for the regular Windows 10 users. Notably, the Windows 10 22H2 Build 19045.459 (KB5039299) does not include any new features. It’s all about making adjustments in the OS in order to improve the user experience.

Microsoft has reportedly improved the overall stability of the search box in the taskbar. For example, it should provide you with more relevant search results when you search for a particular app.

Microsoft is working on the backup and restore functionality. As a part of this, the issue causing backup failures when desktop and lock screen backgrounds were backed up twice has been resolved.

Insiders on the Beta Channel on Windows 10 who want to get the features in advance will be able to turn on the toggle “Get the latest updates as soon as they are available” by going to Settings > Updated & Security > Windows Update. Going forward, Microsoft promises to increase the rollouts of features to everyone with the toggle turned on.

Windows 10 Beta Channel to release improvements to Windows Backup

The new build also contains improvements to the Windows Backup app. It can now store your computer’s Activity History and your Printer Device Settings preferences. Given you have backed up your hardware settings, the enhancements to Windows Backup will simplify restoring the settings when you configure a new PC. “The goal is to ensure that the most used preferences of these settings are backed up, while avoiding those that are tied to specific hardware, to facilitate a seamless transition to a new PC,” notes the blog post.

While this release mainly focuses on bug fixes, it at least means that the Beta channel for Windows 10 is now active. We could also get some new features going forward.