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Withings unveils world's first hands-free smart urine lab

Withings unveils world’s first hands-free smart urine lab

Withings just announced a new smart home health device, the U-Scan at CES 2023.

The Withings U-Scan is dubbed the world’s first hands-free connected home urine lab. It can sit within any toilet bowl and analyse your urine to unlock a wealth of health information. 

It consists of a pebble-shaped reader (90mm in diameter) and changeable analysis catridges that can assess specific biomarkers without external sample capture or strips.

The re-chargeable U-Scan reader can differentiate between external liquid and urine, and automatically funnel samples for analysis. A pump within the collection inlet will activate when a thermal sensor detects the presence of urine.

The sample will be injected into a test pod within a rotating cylindrical U-Scan catridge where an optical module will analyse the chemical reaction. Each catridge can support up to three months of readings. 

At the end of each analysis, the remaining liquid is purged through a waste outlet and the system is cleaned with every flush. Results of the analysis will be transmitted via Wi-Fi to the Withings app.


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In Europe, the U-Scan Cycle Sync results will show cycle predictions and ovulation window based on the hormonal detection, key hydration and dietary biomarkers, sepcific gravity and pH levels.

The U-Scan Nutri Balance Catridge will analyse specific gravity, pH, vitamin C, and ketone levels to help users monitor their metabolic intake to optimise daily hydration and nutrients. It will also recommend workouts, dietary suggestions and recipes to achieve the user’s goals.

The Withings U-Scan will first be avialable in Europe from Q2 2023 with Nutri Balance and Cycle catridges. The U-Scan starter kit (U-Scan reader + one catridge) will be priced at €499.95. Future medical catridges of U-Scan will be available pending regulatory approvals in Europe.

It is currently not available for sale in the U.S as it is in development and slated for a future availability following FDA clearance.

Source: Withings



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