”Wizkid can never relate” – Dr Penking shades Wizkid following the release of Davido’s pre-wedding photos

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A popular Twitter user by the name Dr Penking made a tweet, shading Wizkid, shortly after Davido released his pre-wedding photos.

Dr Penking drags Wizkid following the release of Davido’s pre-wedding photos.

Dr Penking wrote that Wizkid can’t relate to Davido getting married because he only knows how to impregnate his manager Jada.

Davido’s pre-wedding photos literally shook the internet, and a lot of celebrities congratulated the soon-to-be married couple.

Wizkid didn’t react to the release of Davido’s pre-wedding photos, yet he still caught a stray bullet.

The rivalry between both singers probably brought about the comparison, and the fact that they had an online squabble not too long ago could’ve prompted it.

An ‘artsy’ netizen even went as far as photoshopping Wizkid and Jada’s faces into Davido and Chioma’s pre-wedding photos.

A photoshopped picture of Wizkid and Jada.A photoshopped picture of Wizkid and Jada.

The ‘Wizkid FC’ weren’t happy that they’re favorite singer was being dragged online, and they came to his defense.

Here are some of their comments;

its_dunnie32 wrote, “Everybody go collect button”

perrysignature2 wrote, “But wizkid is more behave than davido kneeling for toto”

freeman.jkyung wrote, “Gather here if you are a strong FC”

olivia_davids wrote, “Wizkid has a better moral, stop playing.”

amina_kontong wrote, “He is happy. She’s happy. They’re happy. Your chioma isn’t 100 happy”

¡ieada wrote, “The wedding didn’t trend enough so they need the biggest engagement name which is wizkid to trend. They need wizkid to be able to draw traffic to the wedding. Another reason to see that wizkid is the biggest, the engagement himself, the traffic, the air they breathe, the
highest volume in the industry.”

mikkytorino wrote, “At least him ntanta dey stay one place, one like the one wey file for
full child custody in the eve of his wedding”

pumemeemmy1 wrote, “So last last, Toto begger finally marry”

patO_dc wrote, “Even Ronaldo sef never “ marry but he get happy family!!! Sense no Dey this tweet, Person wey go still beg for toto, I just confirm am true true say To see 30 bingos wey get sense na connection, Even their Oga No Get Sense join, TOTO BEGGER!!! I’m on my knees!!!”