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Woman Caught Red Handed Trying To Steal Someone’s Man On WhatsApp

After individuals spotted something, a WhatsApp discussion leaked on social media and stirred up the comments section.

This post is based on a conversation between two women that was spotted on twitter, and all of the material is taken directly from that chat, which is the only source of information.

It seems as though the woman who fell in love with the already-married man wasn’t willing to let anything stand between her and him.

As we can see from ..., she struck up a discussion with this man and let him know that she didn’t need him all to herself but was just looking for a spot in his heart like his previous lover.

She thought she was chatting with the guy, but in reality, she was actually charting with his girlfriend, who kindly interrupted her Bublé.

The problem is that the guy didn’t give her his number; instead, he gave her his girlfriend’s.



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