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Woman Set To Divorce Her Husband Because He Is ‘Weak’ In Bed (READ)

A COUPLE has been told to go on separation as a result of their failure to coexist peacefully.

Evidence Mandaza dragged Onismas Nyazenga before Chief Chinamhora’s traditional court on Saturday.

She claimed her husband was unfairly pushing her out of their home which she also toiled to build.

She claimed Nyazenga has been threatening to kill her, together with their two minor children, with a gun he uses at work.

“I am now living in fear after his threats,”said Mandaza. In his defence, the husband accused Mandaza of disrespecting him adding that he was sex starved.

“Ndikauya kumba ndichibva kubasa anoramba kurara neni achiti akaneta, anogara achindiudza kuti masoja anopinda pinda manje neni ipota neko tisangane, ukahura neni ndinohurawo,” he said.

Mandaza interjected saying Nyazenga has an erectile dysfunction.

“He has a weak erection, he can’t last long in bed. “At one point he used herbs but still he is weak in bed,” she said.

Village head, Mr Chinyoka of Maponga Village, testified as a witness that he caught Nyazenga with a bag and he suspects it had a gun.

The chief then ruled that Mandaza should go back to her parents’ home. Nyazenga was ordered to provide the needs of their two children. H Metro

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