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World Boxing Championship: India hit Golden ‘Chauka’, Lovlina also became World Champion

New Delhi: India’s Olympic medalist Lovlina Borgohain on Sunday won the gold medal by defeating Caitlin Parker in a split decision 5-2 in the 75 kg category at the Women’s Boxing World Championships. This is India’s fourth gold medal in this world championship. Before her, Nikhat Zareen, Neetu, Sweety Boora had won gold medals for India. While Neetu and Sweety won medals on Saturday, Nikhat scored a golden punch on Sunday.

This match was a cut throat fight. The first round was won by Lovlina, but in the second round, the Australian player made a strong comeback and won this round. In the third round, there was a fierce fight between the two players and hence the decision of the match came out after the review.

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Showed strength in the first round

Lovlina started slowly and focused on understanding her opponent. After this, Lovlina tried to attack and hit some good punches. The Australian players were also playing with patience and faced Lovlina with care. In the middle of the first round, Lovlina took points through jab and uppercut. This put the Australian players under pressure. At the end of the round, the Australian player defended well and made Lovlina’s punches go. Lovlina won the first round 3-2.

return of australian player

In the second round, the Australian player adopted an attacking strategy but the Olympic medalist used his excellent defense. However, she was playing with open guard, which Parkar was trying to take advantage of. Parkar landed some good punches which hit Lovlina. In the second round, Lovlina could not show the game of the first round and Parkar dominated her. In such a situation, Lovlina was trying to keep distance from Parkar. The second round was named after Parker 4-1.

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Fierce fight in the third round

In the third round, Lovlina adopted the strategy of being defensive and tried to go away the punches of her opponent, in which she was successful to a great extent. There she was waiting for Parkar’s mistake. Some times Parkar made a mistake but Lovlina was not able to capitalize on the opportunity. Meanwhile, Lovlina looked tired. Lovlina had fallen twice and the referee had also warned her. Parkar was dominating and Lovlina was going on the backfoot. At the end of the third round, Lovlina landed some good punches and due to this the match went to the review where Lovlina won.



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