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WOW: MTG Drops Bomb about Her Recent “SWATing” Nightmare

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News Channel, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene sounded off on those who have put her life at risk by “SWATing” her.

“SWATing” is when someone calls the police and says that there is a hostage situation/robber/other threat at a residence, causing the police to arrive at that location ready to start shooting because they think there is a threat.

Someone did that to MGT recently, with the police showing up at her house in the middle of the night on Wednesday. Fortunately, she was unharmed.

Speaking about the incident on Tucker Carlson’s show, MGT said:

“We don’t know, but it’s under investigation and there’s multiple layers. Federal law enforcement is working with local police.

“Tucker, I have to tell you I am so grateful four hour local police because they handled it in such a professional way. But we already know what can happen and Washington especially at the federal level where we are seeing the Department of Justice and FBI. They are being used as political weaponry against political enemies.”

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Continuing she went on to note what she saw as being the reason for the shocking incident, pinning the blame on those who have gone absolutely berserk over the bill that MTG recently introduced as a means of protecting children. Speaking on that, she said:

Whoever is doing this to me seems to be a direct result of the legislation that I introduced last week that protects children’s innocence act. They called in and confessed to the 911 call center saying that they were a trans kids activist and they are angry at me or trying to stop these awful surgeries, hysterectomies, double mastectomies, castration of children. This should not be happening, but they are so angry at me from trying to protect kids that they are willing to have me killed and definitely working hard to do that.”


That came after Greene spoke about the incident on Twitter the night that it happened, saying:

Last night, I was swatted just after 1 am.

I can’t express enough gratitude to my local law enforcement here in Rome, Floyd County.


More details to come.

Fox News Channel, reporting on the SWATing incident after it occurred and what the police were told that caused them to show up at Greene’s home, said:

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Reports say an unknown individual called 911 and falsely reported that a man had been shot multiple times in a bathtub at Greene’s home. The Rome Police Department dispatched five officers, who were informed they were going to Greene’s house while in transit, according to CNBC.

Greene responded when they knocked on the door and assured them everything was safe in the house. Police reportedly conducted a brief search of the home and found nothing amiss.

Such is what apparently happens in America now. If you’re an enemy of the regime, either the FBI will be sent after you like it was sent after Trump or some seriously irresponsible loon will sent a SWAT team to your home.

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