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Wrestlers Season 2: Renewal Possibilities Explored

Will Wrestlers Season 2 Happen?

‘Wrestlers’ season 1 premiered on September 13, 2023, at 12 AM PT or 3 AM ET in its entirety on Netflix. Comprising seven episodes, each has a unique run time of 45 to 55 minutes, so you can truly, unabashedly binge-watch the whole thing to uncover its chaotic physicality, creativity, and struggles in a little less than 8 hours.

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As for “Wrestlers’ season 2, the truth is neither the streaming giant it calls home nor any other executive has confirmed or denied its possible renewal/cancelation as of writing. However, we believe it’ll get a sure-shot green light in the ensuing few months owing to the pattern Greg Whiitely series’ has been seeing ever since its debut in 2018.

After all, a network-driven recommissioning of any show primarily depends upon whether or not its latest/previous iteration garners enough commercial success to warrant the risk of another. Yet, this is not something ‘Wrestlers’ likely have to worry about considering the creator already has a loyal fan following that will do anything to ensure his work’s continuity. However, this Netflix original reportedly has to stress over a few external factors such as consumer environment, open in-network competition, participant pools, core cast availability, etc.

In other words, only if all things go well, OVW owners find benefit to the exposure, the wrestlers don’t mind sharing behind-the-scenes aspects, and there’s a clear demand for more will ‘Wrestlers’ be renewed. And if all this does line up to happen, as per our best estimates of considering the pre-planning, filming, as well as post-production process, we can expect ‘Wrestlers’ season 2 to make its way to our screens sometime in mid-2024.

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