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Wrong reasons people get married

Marriage is one of the most sensitive steps in one’s life that shouldn’t be handled lightly or nonchalantly.  Most people get married for the wrong reasons, especially as a result of pressure from nosy friends and families. They forget that achievement in life is not usually measured by one’s marital status.

Many people need to be aware that getting married for the wrong reasons means signing in for lifetime trouble. Getting married to the wrong person as a result of the pressure of all your mates being married is a call to disaster.

There are various wrong reasons people sign up for a lifetime commitment.


  1. Pressure from married friends, family and the society

This is one of the major reasons people get married. Our society believes anyone above 25 years and doesn’t have a partner has an issue. Friends and family asking questions regarding singles’ marital status can be frustrating.

These people pressure ladies so much that they end up marrying the wrong men who beat them to a pulp, maltreat them and end up divorcing them.  These same people keep telling them to endure an abusive marriage till they lose their lives or sanity.

Pressure from family and friends shouldn’t be the reason you are venturing into marriage. It is a lifetime commitment.


2. Money 

Most ladies see marriage as an escape route from poverty. They get married because of wealth forgetting that happiness cannot be bought.

A marriage built on a financial platform is bound to fail sooner or later. Getting married to a man because of his fat bank account can end in a traumatic relationship.


3. Pregnancy

Getting pregnant for a man to tie him down for marriage is a wrong reason to get married. This is one of the biggest mistakes ladies make. A man who doesn’t love you won’t love you even if you are pregnant for him.

Pregnancy won’t keep a man who doesn’t want to be with you. He might only consider you out of pity but sooner or later, you will end up regretting it.

Bringing up a child alone can be tough but it is better than making your child have bad experiences.

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4. For Revenge

Marriage is a serious commitment that shouldn’t be made for the sake of revenge on your ex or your parents. This is the most unreasonable reason to get married because it makes you jump at any partner you can lay your hands on without thinking twice.

It would only deprive you of your happiness as well as your partner.


5. The fear of being alone 

Getting married to just anyone because you don’t want to be single is one of the wrong reasons people get married. Little do they know that it is possible to be married and still feel alone.

Loneliness as a single person is more bearable than in marriage. It can be more frustrating and terrifying because it is a lifetime commitment.


6. Partner enforcing marriage 

People get married because their partner gave an ultimatum that they would leave them if they don’t get married. This has resulted in divorce in recent times.

The fact that the other person is eager to get married doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think twice before giving your approval. If they love you genuinely, they will wait for you.

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7. Marriage will make them whole

Marriage is the coming together of two independent people. It is the partnership of two happy individuals.  Getting married to someone with the expectation that it would complete you is a wrong reason to get married.

You shouldn’t get married because you are not happy or because it would solve your problems is wrong. Marriage comes with challenges, and building your home on this will only worsen it.



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