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WWE unveils new LWO on SmackDown

WrestleMania 39 is only a day away, but WWE has a few more surprises on SmackDown tonight. This included revealing the LWO (Latino World Order), and it was Rey Mysterio who came up with the idea. Ray will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame later tonight, but a feud with his son Dominic is on his mind. Legado del Fantasma came to the locker room to show their support for Rey and tell him that they would be by his side if Judgment Day tried to stack the odds, and that’s when Rey gave them a gift. He revealed a shirt for all five of them, and that shirt was the official LWO jersey, revealing a new global Latino system that now represents the faction in WWE.

Founded by the legendary Eddie Guerrero in 1998, LWO will recruit stars like Rey, Juventud Guerrera, La Parka, El Dandy, Hector Garza, and Psychosis. Since it was a fan favorite, and in the past, Ray teased that this might happen in the future, as he and Dominic were such proponents of bringing him back.

Fitting then that it was one of the original members who brought it back, Legado del Fantasma makes as much sense as those who run with it. They are also a fan favorite faction and have been since NXT. Their alliance with Mysterio makes it easy to move into a feud with Doomsday if that’s how WWE wants to go, and now they have a beast of a mantle to carry when they go into battle.

The reactions are already starting, including from Vickie Guerrero, who tweeted “THIS IS AWESOME!!!! #LWO IS BACK!! AWESOME…..f****** AWESOME…. @WWE Eddie is smiling from top and sits in the corner of the top rope!!”

The alliance between Legado del Fantasma and Rey Mysterio began several weeks ago after Escobar and Rey exchanged mutual respect, even swapping masks.

“Since I was a little boy, I’ve been stopping by with my dad and we’ve seen you, and he said to me.” do you see it? This is Rey Mysterio. He’s going to do big things in this business. “I think, I think, that shocked me, because when it came time to be here, all I wanted was to take your legacy and make it mine. Because, after all, my father wasn’t wrong. I’ve done a lot of things, and you still do,” Escobar said.

“But after tonight, I can only accept and respect that Rey is all about Lucha. And I think, in honor of my father, who didn’t raise a hero but raised a lion, I have to give you the ultimate sign of respect.” Mysterio then gave his mask earlier. of the night, adding “It doesn’t mean I don’t want your legacy, but hell, I respect who you are.”

“I remember you telling me that story once, a long time ago when we first met,” Mysterio said. “I cherish this story in my heart. And you know what that means. This is sacred. This is something special. This is something not to be messed with. I respect that. And just as you gave me something sacred, I want to do the same.”

Ray gave Santos his mask as well, and from then on they became allies. Now they’re part of the new LWO, and fans are thrilled.

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