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WWE’s Shawn Michaels talks about NXT Europe’s plans and rostering approach from Triple H



WWE has significantly boosted its international presence, with the company announcing today that the upcoming Worlds Collide event will be the last for NXT UK. After this event, NXT UK will close its store until 2023, when it will be launched as NXT Europe. NXT Europe will expand WWE’s overseas presence in a major way and expand the reach of NXT as well, and in a new interview with UK metro. Shawn Michaels has teased what NXT Europe will be like, how it will recruit talent, and how it’s been a part of Triple H’s plan for some time now.

“It’s just a natural expansion of things because this brand, since 2016, has been great,” Michaels said. “Yes, it was quiet and under the radar, but I don’t think you’ll find anyone who wouldn’t argue that it was a quality product out of its existence.” Michaels also said: “This has been one of Hunter’s goals for some time, and I clearly think with what’s been going on with him recently in creativity, he felt like now would be a great time to have the ability to do that. NXT UK was one of the first steps into his career. that process.”

Stars like Rhea Ripley, Gunther, Doudrop, Butch, Ludwig Kaiser and more all developed and evolved in NXT UK before heading to the main roster, and Michaels doesn’t see that development success ending any time soon. Michaels said, “We’ve developed a lot of people since then, and a lot of them have gone on to the main roster. I feel like we’ve done a great job with that. But now is the time to grow it internationally, and that’s what NXT Europe plans to do in 2023.”

As for the NXT Europe roster, Michaels says it’s in the early stages of planning, but added that they wouldn’t ignore the “real talent from an independent standpoint” out there. “We’re in the early stages, these are all things we’re going to talk about – but I’m going to say this. I really think – I’ve always hated talking about Hunter, but I always feel like we’re the same so often, I think it’s about balance.”

“Definitely, we will always continue to go out there and recruit sports-minded young athletes and young men and women who want to help WWE grow and expand,” Michaels said. “But I don’t think there is any way to ignore the talent – especially international talent – that is out there. I don’t think anything would be off the table.”

Regarding Worlds Collide, Michaels said, “It’s kind of a semi-final for NXT UK at Worlds Collide. I’m just excited that we’re cultivating it. So many things we’ve talked about in the past, now it’s finally happening and this talent will have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of all their hard work. “.




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