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Wynonna Earp: Why the Beloved But Canceled Show Deserves Another Season



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From the time it first aired, Wynonna Earp teetered on the brink of cancellation and left viewers waiting with bated breath for word on the show’s fate through the very end. When the Syfy channel announced that it would finally pull the plug on Wynonna Earp after season three, a fan-led campaign revived the series for a fourth and final season. The finale brought a highly-anticipated Wayhaught wedding and Wynonna leaving Purgatory with Doc to finally see their daughter. While the ending to the canceled TV series was still pretty satisfying, it left enough open-ended storylines to justify a fifth season that could provide better closure.

Whether new villain Eve made it to Purgatory after being kicked out of the Garden of Eden remains unknown. Dark Waverly seems to be gone…for now. What happens if Waverly is overcome with rage again? She could still pose a threat to humanity. What that meant for Nicole to be the Angel Shield and how it affected the character was never explained. A new season allows the show to tie up loose ends like these and several others in this great show. Not since Buffy the Vampire Slayer 25 years ago has a female-led series brought a healthy balance of wit, heart, and demon butt-kicking. Wynonna Earp has shown a knack for delivering impressive season finales and would no doubt do the same a fifth time around.

Season four began by introducing Eve, a shapeshifter trapped in the Garden of Eden but determined to get to Purgatory. After an epic showdown between her and Doc (played by Tim Rozon), he literally kicks her out of the portal, never to be seen again. This left the audience with several questions: Where was Eve? What business did she have in Purgatory? How did she become a shapeshifter? Where is Adam?

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Her ability to disguise herself as any character means she could easily deceive others to get what she wants and wreak havoc throughout the town. An Eve storyline in Wynonna Earp that addresses those unanswered questions and follows the team’s journey towards ultimately defeating her would provide enough content for an entire season.

Not much is known about the dark angel aside from the fact that she is the byproduct of an enraged Waverly and has enough power to destroy the world. However, her two-episode arc didn’t give any explanation for why she would even want to end humankind. Emily Andras, creator and executive producer of Wynonna Earp, told Deadline, “I think we only dove into the tip of the dark angel Waverly storyline.”

The Dark Waverly episodes felt rushed, so another season gives writers a chance to delve deeper into that character and create a stronger storyline. She was never officially destroyed but seemingly became dormant, making her a looming threat. We need to see her vanquished once and for all. Being that the bond between Wynonna and Waverly is the heart of the show, what would it even look like if Wynonna fought her sister as the dark angel?

Unsurprisingly, Nicole Haught sacrificed herself to save the love of her life, Waverly, and became the Angel Shield. This bound her to the Ghost River Triangle forever to serve as its protector, tasked with maintaining balance and order. Although her inherent virtue and sheriff status made her perfect for the role, whether she inherited supernatural powers to perform her duties remained unclear.

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Taking on the townspeople as sheriff is one thing, but a handgun is hardly enough to fight against unnatural forces. After all, Waverly and her angel dad Julian, both chosen to serve as the Angel Shield, had superpowers. Or perhaps being a mortal is enough to protect the Ghost River Triangle.

With its layered characters and quippy dialogue, it’s no secret that Wynonna Earp drew inspiration from another demon-fighting heroine, Buffy. The groundbreaking Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s first season debuted in 1997, was one of only a few shows to feature a strong female lead at the time. Like its influence, Wynonna Earp managed to successfully deliver storylines that could’ve easily been lost on the audience without skilled writers. Its first season was a big hit among viewers and critics alike, setting it up for cult series status.

During a Wynonna Earp panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Emily Andras stated, “I’m absolutely thrilled we have the opportunity to deliver more of our witty, female-led, kickass, diverse supernatural series to our passionate fan base around the world.”

The fourth season of Wynonna Earp left a handful of unanswered questions, making way for another season to fill in the gaps. Eve’s unknown whereabouts mean danger still looms over Purgatory and potentially the world. Similarly, Dark Waverly still poses a threat to humanity until she is vanquished, something which hasn’t been confirmed. Now that Nicole is the Angel Shield, a new season could explore her possibly having supernatural powers. Not only is Wynonna Earp a fantastic representation of a strong female-driven show, its Buffy-esque style and top-notch storylines make it worthy of one final swan song.



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