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Yazidi woman who was kept as an Islamic State slave says Shamima Begum is ‘fake,’ still loyal to ‘Sharia ideas’

The possibility cannot be discounted. “The Prophet said, ‘War is deceit.’” (Bukhari 4.52.269)

“I was an ISIS slave – I saw Shamima Begum at camp where she learnt how to use suicide belts & guns, she’ll never change,” by Henry Holloway, The Sun, March 18, 2023:

AN ISIS slave has told how she saw Shamima Begum at a terrorist training camp where she would have been taught how to use suicide belts and guns.

Begum – who fled the UK as a teen to join the death cult – was also good friends with a sick ISIS slave-master who would sell girls as young as 14 into a life of sexual abuse.

Dila – which is not her real name – is a member of the Yazidi people who were subjected to genocide by ISIS, with an estimated 5,000 murdered and more than 10,000 kidnapped.

She was kept as a slave by ISIS for seven years – being sold, raped and abused after she was snatched aged just 13.

The now 20-year-old says she is 100 per cent certain she saw Begum at the terrorist training camp in Deir ez-Zor, Syria.

Speaking from North Kurdistan in Iraq, she sent a powerful message to apologists who claim that Begum is not dangerous saying the ISIS bride’s new persona is “fake”.

The former slave – whose identity needs to be protected as she still has seven family members missing, likely enslaved by ISIS – gave her testimony to squaddie turned documentarian Alan Duncan.

Duncan, who has spent years investigating ISIS’s crimes – speaking to both perpetrators and victims, believes Dila’s testimony is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence yet against Begum.

And the 55-year-old, from Scotland, warned returning ISIS brides may be “ticking time bombs”.

Dila positively identified Begum as having been taking part in classes at a terrorist training camp, which was known as the “Students of Sharia”….

She was outraged when Duncan showed her a “cover-girl” picture of Begum wearing a sleeveless top and a baseball cap.

“It is fake by Begum. Living with ISIS women and ISIS in general I understand how they think, how loyal they are to their Sharia ideas,” Dila said in an exclusive interview shared with The Sun Online.

“Even if they are not in ISIS – I don’t think they have open mentality and those clothes are representing them, I am certain.

She went on: “They are faking facts, women of ISIS will never change, they still believe in what they believe.

“Many of them still in the camps believe ISIS will rise again.”…



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