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Yoko Ono Criticized John Lennon for His Effort on ‘Two Virgins’

John Lennon helped put The Beatles on the map. His innate songwriting skills and competitive partnership with Paul McCartney led to dozens of hit songs for the Fab Four. Those enduring tunes are lucrative enough that John’s son lives off The Beatles’ money. Yet he was ready to leave it all behind as soon as he met Yoko Ono. Their relationship included several artistic collaborations, but Yoko criticized John’s contributions to their first work together.

Yoko Ono (left) and John Lennon of The Beatles together in December 1968.
Yoko Ono (left) and John Lennon | Susan Wood/Getty Images

John married his first wife, Cynthia, in 1962, around the time The Beatles first entered the British charts with “Love Me Do.” We all know what happened next. A stream of hit songs and groundbreaking albums followed, and the Fab Four rewrote the rulebook for popular music.



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