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You be dentist but your teeth brown”

A Nigerian man identified as Oba_west on Twitter has reacted to a photo of johnny Drille and his dentist.

The singer had booked an appointment with the dentist to whiten his teeth, after which, they posed for a photo.

In the picture, Johnny Drille’s teeth were white, while his dentist’s teeth coloured brown.

The troll retweeted and quoted the picture saying the dentist takes care of people’s teeth, while his own doesn’t look good.”

In his words: “you dey brush person teeth, but your own brown.”

Reacting to ..., Obiokeke_ wrote:” Healthy teeth are naturally an off-white or slightly yellow hue. Not always white. Toothpaste folks just had to do PR.”

Heiskilo said: “Ignorance kills, having brown color teeth doesn’t necessarily mean is dirty. As you grow old your enamel wears off gradually, so it reflects the dentine color. Anyway, we are all up to learning.”

_Imperfectgirl added:: “ Some teeth are not naturally white no matter clean they are, also when you bleach them, they can become too sensitive and as a result, some people prefer the clean brown teeth.”

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