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You Fans Are Loving The Fresh Turn Of Events In Season 4

“I’ve not read the books yet so I didn’t know what to expect from this season but it feels like [author Caroline Kepnes or the creators of “You”] (both?) really listened to their fans when we said Joe going round in circles doing the same thing (wow I’m in love oh no here I go murdering again) would be incredibly boring at this point,” wrote u/IWantAQuokka on a “You” subreddit. After watching Season 4, Part 1, which dropped on Netflix on February 9, fans are thrilled that the tables have turned, with Joe becoming the prey this time.

Season 4, Part 1 of “You” sees Joe beginning again in the United Kingdom, complete with a new identity: Jonathan Moore, a university literature professor. He genuinely seems to be trying to start a new life — except that he’s still stalking Marienne across Europe. But after waking up and discovering an acquaintance dead on his kitchen table, he soon realizes that in his new life, he’s the one being obsessively stalked by a psychotic killer. While Joe still has a new obsession, this time around it’s the killer — a new friend named Rhys Montrose (Ed Speelers) — who’s stalking him instead of Joe stalking a new romantic interest.

It’s refreshing seeing Joe infuriated with someone who is essentially exactly like him, and fans are enjoying the plot twist. “This season is so different. I think I love it. There hasn’t been a mention of Joe falling for another ‘you’ at all this episode. It’s fresh,” wrote u/gooooooodboah. “The ‘you’ is the stalker. It’s so different.”



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