“You flaunt latest brand-new luxury cars” – Reno Omokri knocks celebrities lamenting over subsidy removal

Reno Omokri, a popular political activist, has slammed celebrities who lament the removal of subsidy but flaunts numerous luxury cars online.

Following news of plans to eliminate fuel subsidies, the price of fuel in Nigeria skyrocketed.

Reno Omokri, in response to the masses’ complaints, stated that he has noticed that the most vocal complaints are coming from Nigerian celebrities.

According to him, some of these famous people go online to show off their brand new cars, but then complain when the government stops subsidizing their fuel.

He wrote:

“Some of the people I see complaining of the removal of fuel subsidy and the sudden sharp increase in fuel prices have multiple cars. Some of them have come on this very Twitter to flaunt their latest brand-new luxury cars. My dear, why should a poor country like Nigeria be subsidising fuel for you, a yeyebrity with five vehicles that you use for flaunting, fronting and chasing girls? Go and pay! If you can’t pay, vamoose from Nigeria to any country that will tolerate subsidies for rich people. It is because of your likes that previous subsidies never trickled down to people with low incomes who really need it. Oni iranu like you! You want Nigeria to become like Venezuela, an oil rich country that was rained by cheap petro!!”